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Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner

Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner

Regardless of where you come from, chances are such that you’ve heard about whole-house electronic air cleaner/purifiers in the past. Maybe you heard your friends recommending them or you read a post regarding the same but didn’t get enough information.

Assuming this is the case, you’d want to get as much information as possible before you can decide on whether to purchase an air purifier or not. You don’t want to make an investment that would cause you regrets shortly. I understand that you need some clarification on several issues regarding air cleaner and this is why I’m composing this post.

Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner

What Is A Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner?

Before we can proceed further, it’s good we start by answering the above question for the sake of those who are coming across this term for the first time. In simple, whole house air cleaner refers to certain appliances that are meant to remove airborne contaminants/impurities from the air and thus improve the quality of air in the whole house.

In most cases, these devices/ appliances are used in homes as well as offices and they offer great benefits particularly to people who suffer from asthma, chemical sensitivity, allergies, and other issues related to the respiratory system.

Why do I need an Electronic Air Cleaner?

This is yet another common question that most individuals tend to ask and it’s a good one considering that you are a person who does something for a reason. Just as the name suggests, air cleaners are meant to purify the quality of air in a house by removing all the environmental contaminants and thus improving our health.

Whereas most of us tend to think that only the outdoor air contains impurities, it should be noted that inside air also contains impurities. A recent report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that indoor air pollution is approximately two to five times higher than outdoor air pollution levels.

EPA also ranked air pollution as one of the leading environmental concerns and has urged individuals to embrace air cleaners to remove pollutants in the air. Such pollutants are known to trigger asthma and allergies.

How Does an Air Cleaner function?

You need to understand how your air purifier functions so that you can tell when it’s working right and when not. For it to function, it draws contaminated air from the surroundings and then passes it through several layers of filters. Any air pollutant presence in the air gets trapped by the filters and thus purifying the air. The purified air is then recycled into a room and is safe for inhaling.

Why Are There Poor Air Quality Indoors?

Now that you know why you need an air cleaner in your home; you might wonder what makes your indoor air impure. But consider this: We’ve all designed our homes in such a manner that they are energy efficient and hold air inside. Well, this is great as it helps us to lower our energy bills; however, it does not give our homes a chance to “breathe”.

Various pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, mold, and pet dander get trapped in the air and keep recirculating in the house instead of getting released outside. The pollutant will remain in the indoor air and when you inhale them you risk having issues related to the respiratory system. You need an air cleaner to get rid of them.

How long should A Electronic Air Cleaner Run?

The straightforward answer to this inquiry is continuous. You are advised to ensure that your air cleaner is turned on all the time to get the best results. This might sound very expensive particularly for people who struggle to manage their electricity bills,

however, the results you get are far much better to be compared with the cost. Remember the number one reason to purify the air is for your health safety.

Needless to say, nothing can compare to your health and this means you should not mind the cost of running your air purifier. Some air cleaners have features that allow you to tune them to lower settings when you are far away from home. These could help you lower down the cost of running the air cleaner.

Which Air Purifier is Best for Me?

This is where most people experience a real challenge. Now you have almost known everything regarding the air conditioner and you are planning to have one installed in your home. Congratulations on making such a bold step. But wait! How will you know which is the best type of electronic air cleaner?

Well, the answer here depends on various factors and you need to put them into consideration before you can make your final decision.

For example, you need to think of things like CADR rating, the conditions you are treating, the Frequency of replacing filters, square footage, control types, and many more.

You can also consider the initial cost of installation and the effectiveness of the system you want to install. When it comes to cost, we always say go for what you can afford however don’t compromise on the quality.

Will My Whole House Electronic Air Purifier Make Noise?

This is an important question that you want to be answered before you call air purifier engineers to install the system in your home. Because nobody loves distinctive noise, you would not want to bring something that will disturb your ears in your compound and that’s you are looking for this clarification.

Well, a whole-house electronic air purifier produces sound comparable to that of running fun. The loudness, in this case, is measured in decibels and it depends on several factors such as the model, speed of the fan, as well as personal noise tolerance.

Once you have the system in your home, you will observe that it will be a bit louder at first and then it will slow down with time. It tends to be louder at first since the fan speed is high however once the air is purified the sound goes down as the fan speed is reduced. Likewise, different air purifier brands will not produce the same noise.

How Much Space Will My Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner Cover?

You want to understand the approximate space needed to have your air purifier installed. It’s wise to ensure you have enough space before you think of having the same installed in your home. What you need to understand here is that there are very many sizes of air purifiers and you are the one to decide on the best size to fit your available space.

Some are big while others are meant to fit in a relatively small space. You will realize that there are portable ones suitable for a single room and these typically cover an area of up to 700sq ft. effectively. Whole-house models are a bit big and will consume large areas or even multiple rooms.

Why Do You Place Your Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner?

The location of your air cleaner is very critical as it will affect its effectiveness in one way or the other. Generally, a whole-house electronic air cleaner should be located close to your living room. You should think of the room where you spend most of your time and have it located close to that room.

Remember you want it to be in a position where it will be effective in purifying the air you are inhaling. If you keep it far away from the living rooms, the effectiveness could be lowered. A whole-house system is different from portable ones and can’t be moved from room to room. Instead, a suitable location should be identified within the house.

How Can I tell that My Whole-House Electronic Air Purifier?

After you have the system installed in your home, you will notice that the air you are breathing in will be cleaner and you will be able to breathe easier and sleep much better. Likewise, you will not experience issues with morning congestion as well as allergy symptoms. When supplanting your filter, you will realize the filth it has removed from your air.


The above are some of the most common inquiries regarding the whole-house electronic air cleaner. Having read the post, I believe that you have your questions answered and now you can make a more informed decision. Keep in mind that air cleaners are meant to uphold the well-being of you and your family and hence you should have one in place as long as you can afford it.

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