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Top 10 Tips With Magnetic Knife Holder for Kitchen

Magnetic knives holder for kitchen is slowly making their way to every kitchen, restaurant, and other industry that uses knives. Not just because of its versatility but because many people say it is more hygienic in the kitchen.

The magnetic knife holder for kitchen just gives the kitchen an added elegance with the display of a sparkling, shiny set of knives on the wall.

The options on the design of your magnetic knife holders are also many as there are wood, metal, bamboo, and stainless steel. With the magnetic knife holders getting popular nowadays, it makes us think about what to use instead.

Why Store Our Knives Correctly?

We need knife storage to keep our knives in place. Not just because it is a danger to have it just lying around, knives also need the right storage to preserve their sharpness. Not only that, but we also need to store our knives, and keep them dry at all times so we can be sure that they will not harbor germs at all. There are different ways to store our knives. Let us look at the different storage options below.

Knife Blocks

This is previously the most used knife storage method because it is easily available in the market and we can just throw in a few bucks to bring it home with us after. Knife Blocks can just be placed on top of any table, or perhaps near the sink or countertop. It also has many slots to hold knives of different sizes.

The thing about this knife holder is that it is hard to clean because of the slots that are too small. The dirt and bacteria may collect in the knife slots. Not just bacteria, but also molds.

In-Drawer Blocks

This in-drawer knife block offers another space-saving option by keeping your knives inside the drawer. This is the safest way to store your knives, especially if you have children in the house. The thing about this storage though is the accumulation of moisture. If you keep your knives without drying them very well, moisture will cause rust to appear on your knives.

The Chefs Knife Roll

It is a kind of knife storage usually made of leather or similar material that is sturdy and can hold heavy knives. It has slots specifically for knives of different sizes. It can easily be stored inside the cabinet or the drawer. This type you can easily bring with you elsewhere.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Many kitchens all have one thing, a good amount of open wall space. Magnetic Knife Holders can be easily mounted on the wall, on the cabinet, or even on the side of your fridge. Not just that it is easy to set up or mount, it is also the most hygienic way to store your knives. Once the knives are hanged on the wall, they tend to dry up quickly, this can easily keep your knives away from rust and keeps from getting dull.

Top 10 Tips With Magnetic Knife Holder for Kitchen

Check the durability as well as the weight of knives the magnetic knife holder for the kitchen can carry

The magnetic strip that will be used should have durable strength and can be able to carry the weight of the knives. By doing so, you will prevent an accident in the long run. If you have poorly installed a magnetic knife holder, it will just let the knives fall on their own.

The right magnetic knife holder for the kitchen should have a magnetic strip that is not too weak to hold the knives in place but should be able to also hold many knives at the same time. The magnetic strip should also not be too strong that it is always an effort to pull the knives out.

You can play with the color

You can paint the knife holders to any color you like can be sunny yellow or pink to make your kitchen pop, and will surely brighten up your kitchen further. Although there are many designs of magnetic knife holders that you can choose from such as stainless steel, plastic and wooden it won’t hurt to have it personalized to follow your style.

Choose the right size of Magnetic Knife Holders

You should always choose the right size to pin on your wall or the cabinet, if it is sized too big that it overshadows the elegance of your cabinet, or if its size just stands out from your wall, better think this through first. It is also not advisable to have such a small-sized knife holder that the knives are almost tightly closed to each other. This can make your knives rust for sure. Also, see that the knives you will put up do not have long sizes that take up the whole space.

Keep your magnetic knife holder for the kitchen out of children’s reach

When you have a magnetic knife holder for the kitchen installed be sure to keep it away from your children’s reach. It should have the right height enough for you to reach it, but not for your children to do so. It would be best to have it installed inconspicuously if you have young children. Keep in mind the children’s safety at all times. Young children are a curious bunch and have a high possibility that if bored, they will play with anything that fascinates them. Allegedly, more than 61,000 children experience an accident in the kitchen yearly.

Best to have a professional install your magnetic knife holder

You can save money than have it installed on your own, and an incorrectly installed magnetic knife holder can give you a lot of problems along the way. Some can attempt to install it on their own, but with the wrong screw in place, the magnetic kitchen holder will not hold for long, and will just be useless. It is supposed to be something that makes your life convenient and not the other way around.

Choose the correct spot to install the magnetic knife holder

Check the space on your wall or near the sink or perhaps near the countertop, just to make sure it is the most convenient place to have it installed. It should not be too far from your working area nor too near the dining area.
A great idea to install it is on top of the sink which is most accessible to you, but most especially the ease of returning the knives after cleaning and drying would not be an issue.

If in case you have a small kitchen space, you may have it installed just below your cabinets or on the side if it is accessible to you. Take note however of the knife size, for any knife that is too big may not be appropriately placed anywhere that is not spacious enough. But as long as the knife holder is placed correctly, it should be fine.

Make sure to have your knives clean and dry

If you are to put your knives on your magnetic knife holder, make sure you have washed and clean them. Moisture causes rust to accumulate. Unwashed knives cause bacteria to propagate.

Maintain the knives you are placing on your magnetic knife holders

Yes, it is elegant to look at when you have magnetic knife holders installed, but knives that look dull and dirty are not. It is best to still keep your knives well maintained at all times. It is not just beautiful on your wall but will be sharp every time you use it.

Clean your magnetic knife holders once in a while or as needed

Some dust may also accumulate on your knife holder, make it a habit to check it once in a while and see if dust or dirt is forming, and have it cleaned with a soft cloth. Some may even use disinfectant on the knife holder while cleaning it and dry it before putting the knives back on the magnetic holder.

You are allowed to use the magnetic knife holder for the kitchen to store other kitchen materials

You can also use it to hold small items that cause clutter in your kitchen. There are many uses for Magnetic Knife Holder. You just have to be imaginative.

We always think about the convenience of anything that we do every day, it is on top of our list so our lives will be more comfortable. That is why continuous discoveries are being created to make each of our lives easier, and better.

The magnetic knife holder for kitchen is one example, no more tugging at the kitchen drawers to look for that one knife to use as it is all easily accessible to you. Some may not be open to trying new things, and would rather store their knives the conventional way. There are advantages and disadvantages to using one, but again, it is a simple choice you have to make.

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