Best Lawn Mower Spark Plugs of 2022

Lawnmowers are garden equipment used to keep the lawn in good condition. Without the lawn mower spark plugs, your lawn mower engine is pretty much dead. A spark plug works by taking a minor electrical charge from the ignition coil and passing it through two electrodes. The difference in charge at each of these points on the electrode creates a spark. This, in turn, ignites the fuel, and the engine starts.

In a lawnmower, this spark occurs many thousands of times per minute, so it’s no astonishment that sparks plug in the long runloseit functionality when the electrodes corrode or burn out. At first, the difference is so small that it is not noticeable, but in the end, the performance deteriorates.

The mower becomes more challenging to start. Or worse, the day you prepare your garden for the first cookout of the summer, it does not even start. It spits, choking and smoking more than usual, signifying that it is time for a change.

To help you choose the correct spark plug for your lawnmower, read on for the many essential features to consider. Also, check out this list of spark plugs, which are some of the best on the market to replace your lawn mower plugs.

The Benefits of Having The Best Spark Plug For Small Engines

Like oil changes, spark plugs are part of any engine’s regular maintenance routine. But this can be overlooked to the detriment of the vehicle. Choosing the best spark plugs for a lawnmower and changing them regularly makes good economic sense and offers a few additional benefits:

  • Starting the mower will be easier with new spark plugs, especially if the weather is cold or wet.
  • The motor will operate at total capacity over its entire lawn, which connotes absolute fuel proficiency.
  • The mower will respond better to throttle, resulting in a seamless, noiseless drive, with less vibration through the edging and seat.
  • The engine will burn cleaner, reducing soot and tar deposits, which is suitable for long life. It also means reduced emissions, which is friendly to the environment.

Types of Spark Plugs


Copper core spark plugs are the simplest and cheapest type of spark plug you can buy. These used to be the most known type of spark plugs on the market but have in recent times been replaced by platinum and iridium spark plugs due to their superior performance, efficiency and durability. While many modern motors won’t work with copper plugs, many older engines work better with copper plugs.


Platinum spark plugs offer better performance and fuel efficiency than copper but at a significantly lower cost than iridium-made plugs. Like iridium-made spark plugs, platinum designed plugs function at a reduced heat rate than copper-made plugs. They can also survive up to twice as long as essential copper plugs.

Dual Platinum

Dual platinum receptacles offer even higher performance, efficiency, and longevity than single plate platinum receptacles. Additionally, double platinum spark plugs are generally less expensive than iridium spark plugs. For a simple and inexpensive platinum upgrade, look for spark plugs that use platinum in the electrode and cap.


The lawn mower spark plugs on the market have an iridium construction. Iridium spark plugs offer even better fuel economy, performance, reliability, and durability than dual platinum spark plugs. Thanks to advanced materials and innovative technology built into iridium spark plugs, these spark plugs are more expensive than copper and platinum options. Iridium spark plugs are perfect for use in high-performance engines.

Dual Iridium

Dual Iridium connectors are very similar to Dual Platinum connectors. Iridium twin spark plugs have two rare metal discs for increased performance and durability. These spark plugs are designed to provide necessary firepower for all driving conditions, including extreme heat or continuous high speeds. Dual iridium can provide up to four times the average life of a standard copper spark plug.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Small Engine Spark Plugs


When purchasing spark plugs, it is vital to determine which material best suits your needs. Copper is ideal for older vehicle models that have low voltage distributor-based ignition. Platinum and iridium are best preferred for modern engines without distributors. Platinum offers an excellent combination of economy, performance, and longevity.

Iridium provides an even better mix but at a higher cost. Finally, always use the plug specified by the vehicle manufacturer.


A critical way to specify spark plugs is the thread or nut size.

Thread size

Lawnmowers often vary in size, which means different motors with different threads. However, no matter how big the lawnmower motor is, its thread size will always be between 10 and 12mm.

Using a thread other than this size may damage the engine or spark plug. Only in rare cases are both damaged due to the wrong combination of thread.

Thread length

Undoubtedly, the length of automatic plugs exceeds that of lawnmowers; they also have different thread lengths. The thread on lawn mowers is generally known to be ¾ to 3/8 inch in length, while on machines and other engines, it can be ½ to ¾ inch or longer.

The correct thread length should be used for the trimmer to avoid damage during use.

NB: The thread size differs from the thread length. Thread size refers to how small or big a plug can be. It is also the size of the thread that can be screwed into the head of a lawnmower, while the thread length refers to the distance it takes for the thread to contact the cylinder gasket.

Heat Range

A spark plug is “hot” if it is a better thermal insulator and is classified as “cold” if it can conduct more heat from above and lower the temperature. Manufacturers often list the heat range of a spark plug by number, with some brands using more significant numbers for hotter plugs and others doing the opposite for cooler plugs.

Gap Style

Spark plugs are usually designed to have a differential that can be adjusted with a pop-out tool. A single plug can be created for multiple motors, requiring a different space. Spark plugs typically have a gap between 0.6 and 1.8 millimeters (0.024 and 0.071 inches). Use a gauge to measure the plug’s gap to ensure it is within the specified range.

Top 6 Best Lawn Mower Spark Plugs Reviews & Buying Guide

1.Hilom Champion Stratton

Hilom Pack of 2 491055 Spark Plug


  • Constructed with a copper core.
  • Ultraseal and TinTac cover.
  • Patented SAC-9 semiconductor resistor.
  • Features an ultra-seal case

Product Description:

Hilom’s Champion is everything you need in a dependable, trustworthy spark plug. Exceed expectations and keep your old engine running like new.

A big problem with every spark plug is the fear of changing the plug often. You can now breathe a sigh of relief if you decide to replace one of your spark plugs with the Champion spark plug from Hilom. It has ultra-sealed housing, which makes it corrosion-resistant.

This is possible thanks to the metal coating of this plug. Also, it offers non-stick properties.

You don’t have to stress about overheating, as a copper core controls its heat level; it plays an essential role in its durability. Also, there is no need to check its compatibility with different engines since it works with all types of lawnmowers.


  • Serves as the best replacement for all types of spark plugs.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and smoke emissions.
  • Compatible with all lawn and garden equipment.


  • Does not operate properly when the engine is hot.

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2. Briggs Stratton 796112-4pk

Briggs & Stratton 796112-4pk Spark Plug


  • Certified and approved OEM.
  • Laser welding electrode connector tip.
  • Capable of delivering over 50,000 to 100,000 active operational miles.

Product Description

Here is another product from Briggs and Stratton manufacturer that made our list of the six best spark plugs for lawnmowers. It is known for its vast range of use, serving as the perfect replacement for all brands of Briggs spark plugs.

This spark plug has a construction that offers high efficiency with never diminishing efficiency. It combines a mix of modern materials, making it worthy of being one of the best-selling plugs. You can be worry-free because, with this well-made product, you can get stable and consistent performance.

Its vast applications and wild laser electrode tips producing clean and powerful sparks combined with OEM certified design are reasons you will surely fall in love with it. Another reason users prefer this outlet is its versatility in replacing long-lasting lawn and garden equipment and vehicle plugs.


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.
  • Easy to replace and improves engine performance.


  • Can only replace Briggs plugs.

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3.E3 Spark Plugs E3.10 Lawn and Garden Spark Plug

E3 Spark Plugs E3.10 Lawn and Garden Spark Plug


  • For Optimum Performance – This spark plug is suitable for a variety of 4-stroke engines, designed to accelerate power, minimize fuel consumption and improve hydrocarbon emissions
  • Patented Technology – DiamondFIRE features a unique end-to-end spark path design, allowing the spark zone to be supplied with fresh air/fuel
  • Longer Durability – Almost complete elimination of carbon inhibiting performance, greatly extending spark plug life
  • Replaces – Champion N11YC, RN9YC ,N9YC, N12YC, RN12YC, RN11YC; NGK B5EB-11, B5ES, BP5ES, BP6ES, BPR7ES, BPR5ES, BPR6ES, BPR7ES, BR5ES

Product Description

This Lawn and Garden spark plug is a copper-centered design but has a unique outer electrode shape that surrounds the center electrode. It is designed to provide a more precise spark, which increases fuel consumption and significantly reduces emissions. It also reduces the build-up of carbon deposits, thus extending the service life. DiamondFIRE technology is so rare that it has been patented.

The E3 spark plug fits a wide range of lawnmowers and four-stroke lawnmowers, and a two-stroke model is also available. Although more expensive than many competitors, the gains in spark plug performance and improved fuel efficiency would more than offset spark plug life.


  • Durable integral construction
  • No leakage, faulty ignition, and clogging
  • Substantial resistance to electrical wear, heat, and corrosion
  • Guarantees a constant spark


  • Relatively expensive spark plug

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4. Craftsman Champion Spark Plug

Champion Spark Plug 4 Pack for Craftsman


  • OEM certified.
  • Central platinum electrode.
  • Insulation with purified alumina powder.

Product Description

If your choice of spark plugs is one that can only power lawn mowers, you should consider purchasing this spark plug as it is specifically designed to work with lawn mowers only.

One of the reasons you will surely fall in love with this spark plug is its features. Most impressive is the sleek aluminum insulation. This offers extraordinary resistance, making it possible to accommodate more electrodes and even withstand stress. With this, you will be able to mow a large part of the garden.

Another essential feature is its fuel economy capability, making the engine faster and reducing emissions. At the same time, the spark plug has a long service life. It won’t break down or malfunction in the short term, promising a long period of efficient operation.


  • Budget-friendly
  • It has long-term use.
  • Provides better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


  • Works only with lawnmowers.

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5. Anzac 491055S Spark Plug

Anzac 491055S Spark Plug


  • Replacement for 491055, 491055S, 499608, 692051, 72347GS, 792015, 805015
  • Substitute for 2829 71-1 711RC12YC
  • Auxiliary for 21536800 2152590021531100  2153680021534100
  • Standby for 21525900  2153680021544000 2153780021534100
  • Box contains: Three spark plugs

Product Description

Your lawn mower deserves the same attention as your vehicle. You can get more power from your lawnmower with a simple adjustment, which should be done every spring. Industry leader Anzac makes this spark plug set. With the company’s experience in making spark plugs, you know you can trust the build.

By replacing the spark plug with these, you help produce a better spark needed for proper ignition. Because it’s not worn or dirty, you get more voltage for a better spark. This spark plug is also designed to prevent deposits and corrosion, making it easier to start the lawnmower engine.

As a lawn mower spark plug set, you won’t have to spend a lot to complete your upgrade. These spark plugs are very competitively priced, especially since the company offers a two-year warranty. While customer reviews speak volumes overall, a few recent concerns are worth noting. Some customers complain about bad outlets and problems finding the right ones. Maybe it’s just a recent incident or a sign that the company is collapsing. We hope that the prevailing circumstance will be resolved quickly so that you can keep mowing your lawn.


  • Cost-effective
  • Improved performance
  • Fits many models
  • Two-year warranty


  • Recent delivery issues

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6.Kizut 2PK F6RTC Spark Plug

Kizut 2Pk F6RTC Spark Plug


  • Includes (2) MTD 951-10292 (F6RTC)
  • Compatible models include 31:002NB033 (2008), 31:002n1b033 (2008), 31:002N1B019 (2008), 31M2N1B19 (2008) 31AB111 (2008), 31AB111 (2008), 31G2N1, 2008) (2008) (2008) , 31AM2N1B002 (2008), 31AM2N1B715 (2008), 31AM2N1B077 (2008), 31AM2N1B002 (2008), 31AM2N1B002 (2008), (2008)
  • Genuine MTD parts are produced for the MTD family of brands, including Yard-Man, Troy-Bilt, Arnold, Remington, Yard Equipment, Robomow, Columbia, Murray, and others.
  • Kizut brands, products, and parts are sponsored by a solidMTDdeals, support, and service network.
  • Started operation in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1932, MTD Products Inc. is a leader in designing and manufacturing outdoor power tools such as lawnmowers and snow blowers.

This line of professional iridium spark plugs originates from Kizut. Featuring the latest technology available, these spark plugs are designed for ultra-long life, stable idling, smooth performance, and maximum efficiency, all meeting or exceeding factory specifications for quality and durability.

Kizut is one of the most recognized names in auto parts, and Professional Iridium spark plugs are an ideal replacement for most modern vehicles. Iridium components allow the use of a smaller, more efficient electrode, which helps cool the motor. With a low voltage draw in the ignition system, these spark plugs can also help your engine run better and longer.

Newer vehicles use iridium spark plugs, and Kizut’s professional iridium spark plugs make the technology work for you. These spark plugs also have a built-in suppressor to help block radio frequency interference that can affect vehicle electronics. These caps are also easy to use because they come pre-separated from the factory, saving you a step for those who make them themselves. Many homeowner reviews positively comment on the quick and easy installation.


  • Optimum heat range improves durability
  • Reliable operating conditions improve compatibility
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Improve fuel economy


  • This may not work correctly for newer models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know When Spark Plugs Are Operating At Optimal Temperature?

Look at their color if you’re wondering how your spark plugs work before problems arise. Usually, when the plug is light brown or gray, it should tell you that it operates at the optimum temperature. In other words, the engine of your vehicle is in good condition.

How Long Do The Spark Plugs Last?

Spark plug life varies by brand and vehicle. However, the spark plugs in most vehicles on the market today should last 100,000 miles or more. To ensure you don’t go over the spark plug gap, research the type of spark plugs to see if they fit your vehicle. Remember that the spark plugs on most luxury models and performances tend to have shorter gaps.

How Often Should You Replace Spark Plugs?

It depends on the quality of spark plugs you have in the car. High-quality plugs will last longer than lower-quality plugs. Most mechanics recommend replacing copper core caps every 30,000 miles or every 50,000 miles for iridium core caps. This range may be shorter if your engine is not in good condition, so it is essential to check the spark plugs for premature wear and replace them accordingly.

Does A Faulty Spark Plug On The Engine Check Light?

When your vehicle possesses a faulty spark plug, the test engine light may come on, indicating a problem. The Check Engine Light may even flash instead of solid light in some cases. When the light comes on, you or a professional mechanic must investigate the cause.

What Are The Signs Of A damaged Spark Plug?

Suppose you need to replace the spark plugs. In that case, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Hesitation or return to acceleration
  • Slow acceleration
  • Hard idling
  • Charred spark plug wires at the tips of the spark plugs
  • Severe decrease in fuel mileage
  • Fuel and starting difficulties of your engine

If your vehicle is not operating normally and you suspect it is due to faulty spark plugs, check the spark plugs yourself or have them checked by a mechanic.


The correct spark plugs will not only keep your engine running smoothly, but they will also improve its life. Additionally, it will reduce emissions and provide fuel efficiency and smooth overall performance.

That being said, choosing the right option is of utmost importance. Even if you have the wrong size or distance, the spark plug can damage your engine. Alternatively, selecting the wrong heat range can lead to excessive carbon build-up.

So how do you choose the correct spark plug for your engine? This article on The Six best lawn mower spark plugs offers the best options and a comprehensive buying guide. So don’t delay any further and choose the best choice for your vehicle!

There’s no one superior plug to suit them all, but there is a better plug for your engine. We chose our spark plugs based on real-world experience with engines that power everything from vintage motorcycles and 21st-century turbo sedans to high-end vintage dragsters and lawnmowers. Get the correct part number for your favorite brand and application, and enjoy the ride.

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