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How To Use Meat Grinder Properly

Do you grind your meat at home? If not, do you want to try it out? It is one of the simplest things you can do, but only with the right equipment, and if you are creative, you can get great results from this practice. Do you know what grinding your meat does to you? so we can know how to use a meat grinder properly use from this article.

It allows you to make all sorts of dishes and meals by creating different blends of ingredients you need. Although they are mostly used in butcher shops and grocery stores, restaurants are increasingly realizing the cost-effective nature of grinders.

Why Should You Grind Your Meat?

How To Use Meat Grinder

Freshly ground meat is safer. Once you expose ground meat to the air, the quality starts to wane. You will also expose the meat to contamination and bacteria. Ground meat you have bought from a butcher is never safe for you because it has stayed there for some time attracting bacteria and contamination. Grinding your meat, therefore, increases the freshness and the hygiene of the food you are looking to prepare.

Flavor – grinding your meat enables you to prepare quality burgers, sausages, and more. It also enhances the taste of your food. Imagine having to go for ground meat that has been sitting in a butcher for a period we don’t even know. You don’t want to use such meat. So, why don’t you go for meat and grind it yourself? You will achieve a more intense flavor from the meat you grind on your own. If your goal is to prepare quality burgers or sausages, the only way to go is grinding your meat.

Texture: you can grind your meat to achieve the texture you want. Chop it how you like it to achieve something dense and substantial. You can shop for the grind that you want, depending on your style of cooking.

Types of Meat Grinders

Manual Meat Grinders

Just as their name suggests, they are designed for manual use. You simply need to put the meat in a container. There is also a hand crank that you have to operate manually.

As your meat passes through the blades, it is finely ground and then collected in the container beneath.

Most of these grinders are clamped to the counter or table. Remember, they operate slowly. For this reason, they are not recommended for grinding meat in bulk. They can only manage to grind at least 2 pounds and at most 3 pounds of meat in one minute. You can use manual meat grinders to process meat like chicken, beef, turkey, pork, duck, veal, etc.

These meat grinders, although they are slow, don’t need electricity to operate them. They not only save on electricity bills but also don’t blind you that you won’t be able to grind your meat simply because there is no power.

Another benefit these manual meat grinders come with is affordability. They will easily fit within your budget, and you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on buying one. They are also easy to clean, so you will not spend most of your precious time cleaning them before and after use. Although it has low performance, they are very consistent.


  • Does not require any electricity to operate
  • They are affordable
  • They are easy to clean.
  • Their performance is very consistent.


  • They cannot grind meat in large quantities.
  • Their performance is slow.

Electric-Meat Grinder

These grinders cannot operate without electricity. Although their design is a bit complex than manual meat grinders, their functionality remains the same. They come with 2-3 different sized cutting plates that are capable of producing meat in 3/16, 1/4, and 1/2-inch chunk sizes.

The advantage of these meat grinders is that you don’t have to apply your strength to grind your meat. It works on a push button. Besides, the machine can grind a higher quantity of meat at a go.

They are, however, very expensive to acquire, and the fact that they can’t operate without electricity adds more utility costs to your household.


  • It is capable of processing meat in varying sizes.
  • The machines come with reverse function making it easy to unclog
  • It can grind a large quantity of mean at one go.


  • It is expensive to acquire
  • They only operate under electricity

Which Meat Grinder Should You Go For?

With their pros and cons, the difference between the two grinders is very clear. If you will not require to use a meat grinder more often, then you should save your money and go for the manual meat grinder.

But if you have a large family and you don’t want to spend most of your time grinding meat, then just go for an electric meat grinder.

How To Use Meat Grinder(Manual)

It is very simple to use a manual meat grinder.

How To Install The Manual Meat Grinder

Recognizing the parts. First of all, ensure that all components, including grinding plate, main body an eye screw, collar, a nut, locking ring, handle, cross knife, auger, and hopper are in place.

Ensure you wash your machine and sanitize all the components before you assemble them. After washing them with soap and water, let them dry.

Placing the handle. This step requires you to place the handle into the main body. Insert it at its place and fix it with a feeding screw. Ensure you fix it in a way that it is running smoothly; not rubbing or slipping too much. If you are experiencing such issues, maybe you need to fix them again.

Fixing the auger. This is a screw-like component that is inserted into the main body. Make sure you fix it to avoid shaking.

Assemble the blades. Do you know what auger does? It holds the blades and the plates in place. The plates exist in 3 forms; fine, coarse, and medium. You should select one of these forms and install them.

You need to fix the blade in the auger. This will help in restoring the plates. When you grind your meat, the meat will come out of the plates and then move through the blades and, lastly through the auger.

This is the last step in the installation process. Here, you are required to place the grinder on the compartment where you want and secure the position. You may use wedges for securing the position. Once the mounting process is done, you can start grinding your meat.

The Process of Using Meat Grinder

The instructions on how to use a meat grinder are easy to master, particularly manual meat grinders. Follow these steps:

Of course, by now, you have prepared your meat for grinding. Take out the meat. Move the crank in slow motion and place a meat slice in it. Continue moving the crack as you let the blades pull the meat, and not your fingers.

Repeat this process with all the slices of meat remaining. Once you are done, run a slice of the break to clear the last few bits that could be stuck inside the grinder blades. Pick the break pieces and discard them.

How To Use Electric Meat Grinder

Meat preparation in this process remains the same as with a manual meat grinder.

Installing the Electric Meat Grinder

The process of assembling the grind components is not complex. Check out the process:

Recognizing the parts. Like in the manual meat grinder, you first identify all the components including, the main body, a grinding plate, hopper, eye screw, pusher, blades, and a cover. Ensure you wash all these components and sanitize them. After this, you let them dry.

Fix the header. You need to start by fixing the header. Attach and press the header in a clockwise direction. Ensure you tighten it properly.

Assembling the knife and the blade. Insert the locking screw, blade, plate, and handle accordingly.

Placing the hopper. Hopper is simply the container in which the meat for grinding is filled. Place the container on the head and fill in the meat.

Process of Using the Electric Meat Grinder

  • Fill the hopper with the cold meat. Depending on your style, or what you want to cook, you may add ingredients like garlic.
  • To prevent attracting bacteria, fill a larger bowl with ice, and place a smaller bowl on top of the ice.
  • Turn on your meat grinder and select the speed you want.
  • Use the pushers to keep pushing the meat until you are done.


Meat grinders are very accessible, and having your help you save money on food costs. Also, grinding your meat enhances your safety since it reduces the risk of bacterial infection. The above instructions on how to use meat grinder are easy to master. Just follow the steps carefully.

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