How To Use a Knife For Self Defense?

Self-defense provides the possibility that you can protect yourself from unjustified aggression from others. Normally, if any episode of violence occurs, the police must be called to intervene. However, it is easy to understand police cannot be present everywhere.

In general, it is essential to wait a long time before they appear to avert danger. Here then, comes to the aid of the attacked in self-defense, which allows him to be able to do it himself within certain limits. From this content, you will know how to use a knife for self-defense quickly. Let’s start with safety tips.

Getting Know: How To Use a Knife For Self Defense Properly

Confronting an attacker armed with a knife or other sharp object is one of the most terrible and dangerous situations. Simultaneously, many martial arts and combat systems masters and instructors claim to teach effective techniques to neutralize a stabber with bare hands. The truth is that the more you study knife attacks, the more it becomes clear that there is no guarantee of success if you are disarmed.

According to the self-defense expert, only 30% of people know how to be prepared for self-defense. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013) states that USA people are saved their lives with their self-defense skills 3 million times every year.

Before knowing the details we have to know what is actually self-defense.

What Is Self Defense?

Self-defense is a set of defense techniques inspired by different martial arts disciplines. These techniques were for a long time exclusively reserved for sporting practice or military teaching. The Global Self-Defense Method has become fashionable, and you can find numerous courses all over the world.

“Self defense is not only the right but also our duty”

The Global Self Defense Method is a practice open to everyone, from beginners to experts in Martial Arts. It is a preparatory discipline to deal with possible aggression in which distance management.

The purpose of self-defense is to know how to protect oneself. Self-defense courses teach you to react to different attacks (front, side, and behind) and assaults (thrusts, strangulations, etc.). Finally, one of the major elements of this discipline is learning self-esteem.

Sharp Reality: Knife Attacks Today

I understood that it was first important to know how a knife pushes works and develops today. Now I’m going to explain the common parts of all knife attacks based on natural body mechanics. The body of a typical attack with a knife weapon adds the following five elements:

  • The attack begins at a short distance, and usually, the weapon is not visible before the attack.
  • Most people are right-handed, so most attacks are carried out with the knife in the right hand, and attackers generally demonstrate gross motor skills, mostly forwarding hand movements.
  • An attack usually consists not of a single attempt to strike with a cutting or thrust but sees multiple repetitions of the blow. The attacker’s disarmed hand, usually the left, is used to grab the opponent or measure distance.
  • Whichever defense system you choose, it must be an effective countermeasure against a knife attack.
  • The CBC mode does a logical series of steps as the basis for all armed practice.

 This Sequence Consists of The Following Steps:

  • Reduce the risk of being injured and neutralize threats immediately and try to draw your weapon.
  • You cannot directly eliminate the danger represented by the attacker’s armed hand. You can try to control his arm by blocking his mobility at shoulder level.
  • If the attacker’s unarmed arm is brought towards us, try to control it and use it as a barrier against the armed hand and create a starting position that guarantees a counterattack that will neutralize the aggressor.
  • If you are an officer or security officer, you will have to disarm and keep the attacker under control.
  • If you are a civilian you will be content to leave without harm

As already mentioned, according to the analysis of many real knife attacks. It is common for attackers to touch or hit the opponent with the unarmed hand before striking with the armed hand.

“Protecting yourself is like self-defense and Protecting others is warriors.”

Since this is such a widespread and common practice, it provides a good starting point for getting into “anti-blade concepts.” Let’s imagine we are faced with a man who tries to grab us with his left hand and then stab us with his right.

Frequently Answer Questions (FAQs)

Which things should we remind before carrying a knife?

As a general rule, taller people have an easier time carrying larger knives. Simultaneously, the smallest ones end up being forced to take knives compatible with their height. Despite this, factors such as the wearer’s usual clothing weigh significantly on the ease of wearing. People who wear bulkier clothes, coats, or jackets have an easier time hiding larger knives. While those who dress in lighter suits have difficulties in that regard. When dealing with portability, it is also necessary to deal with two large blades: fixed blades and folding blades – razors.

Why are fixed sheets more reliable?

Neither option is the final choice. To gain portability, you lose resistance and speed in the serve. To gain resistance and speed in the serve, portability is lost. That is to say: fixed sheets are more reliable because they are more resistant. They do not depend on locks or axes for their perfect operation and, when unsheathed and ready for use. Knives, with about half the volume of a fixed blade, are easier to transport. However, they are more fragile.

Final Verdict

The knife is the primary tool of a good Prepper. Just by having a good survival knife, you can make a home, hunt and eat, forge tools and above all, defend yourself. Although the knife can be a lethal weapon, if you do not know how to use it as a defense weapon, you will not take advantage of an attack and have everything to lose.

For security purposes, we should carry a small knife with us. Besides, we have to know how to use a knife for self-defense. So guys, if you want to know more about this topic, feel free to know us via email or comment on us on the blog.

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