How To Insulate Outdoor Faucet[Easy Steps]

Among the plumbing around your home, the outdoor faucet is the easy one to forget. However, it is essential to take care of them during the winter season. Besides, when the faucet freezes, it cannot be very pleasant, especially when you want to use it like washing a car.

Furthermore, it causes serious damage to the whole homestead’s plumbing. When you fail to take care of the exterior faucet might have to face the expenses of repairing the broken joint, valves, and busted pipes. You can easily insulate your exterior faucet is a very simple way to avoid such damage.

How To Insulate Outdoor Faucet Or Insulating the Outdoor Faucet in Very Simple Steps

So many people overlook the outside faucet when taking the measures of protecting their homestead against the consequences of them being frozen. However, protecting the exterior faucet is not even difficult. Below are some discussed steps on how to insulate the outdoor faucet.

Shut the Water Off

Typically, all the exterior faucets have valves that shut off the interior property. When you turn the outdoor water supply valve off, there will be no water supply in the indoor faucet, reducing the risk of freezing. If you are going on vacation, the best idea is to turn off the main supply to the entire house.

There is usually water that remains in the pipes, and it can free when the temperature is below 32 degrees. Water tends to expand when it freezes and has no place to go, and it destroys anything that constrains it. Because of this, it’s very important toshut off all the valves that supply water into the faucet during winter before frost.

Drain the Faucet by Removing the Excess Water

After turning off the valve that supplies water to the faucet, you can remove all the attachments, such as the hoses, from the faucet. You can also open the faucet to make sure that all the water is drained outside by the pressure. Ensure that the hoses are also empty and dry before rolling and storing them.

Install the Insulation of the Outer Faucet

Not all homesteads have isolated valves for the exterior tap indeed. Most of the old homesteads have got only one valve that controls the water supply to the house. In such a case, you will have to insulate the outdoor faucet. This will prevent it and its surrounding pipework from freezing. From many DIY stores, you will be able to get the covers made for this purpose.

The covers are pocket-friendly, and they usually offer total protection. On the contrary, the outer faucet gets damaged by the frost. It might not show until when water runs through the taps during the spring season. So, it is important to check if there are any leaks.

Cover up the Faucet with an Insulted Cover

Shop for insulated faucet covers that ensure no water remains in the freezers. You can combine the insulated covers with insulated pipework tubing. This will offer the best protection to the outer tap from freezing during winter.

Disconnect All the Garden Hoses

It is equally important to disconnect all the hoses that supply your garden with water. This will also help prevent the risks of dealing with broken hoses after the winter season. To protect the pies, wrap the pipe with an insulated tube easily found at the local stores. One side of the tube has an opening slit. So, for additional protection, use a duct to tighten the slit so that the pipes are not damaged.

Install the Insulation of the Outer Faucet

Frequently Asked Questions

People tend to ask some questions to have a better understanding. Below are some highlighted questions that are asked frequently.

What is the Temperature that Freezes an exterior Faucet?

An exterior tap freezes when the temperature is 28 degrees F, equivalent to 2 degrees centigrade or even lower. So, it’s very important to keep checking the temperature at night as it keeps falling. An early frost usually happens during the night or early morning.

What Will Happen When My Outdoors Faucet Freezes

If you are somehow late and your outdoor tap has frozen over already, you don’t have to worry. This does not mean that you have automatically caused broken valves or pipes. Soak a piece of cloth or towel in warm water and wrap it around the faucet. You can also pour warm water gently over the tap for unfreezing. Remember not to pour hot water. If this method doesn’t seem to work, call the plumber before it causes the damage.

Can Insurance Be Claimed When the Outdoors Tap Freezes?

Many people wonder if they can claim insurance if the worst happens and the pipe has busted. Most home insurance covers the homes against the damages caused when the pipes bursts. However, it’s always good to check your policy because sometimes, that is not the case. Besides, the insurance does not necessarily cover the damaged pipes if the failure is because of tear and wear or its age.

On the contrary, if the frozen exterior taps burst the valve or the tap, you might have to pay for the repair. So, it’s not a good idea to let it freeze.

The Bottom Line

The exterior plumbing should be given equal importance to the exterior ones, especially during the winter season. When the faucet freezes, it can be very annoying when you want to use it or when it causes damage like broken joints, valves, and busted pipes. It is always good to insulate them to prevent damages that might extend to the interior plumbing. However, if you are late and have already frozen, don’t worry.

You can soak a piece of cloth or towel in warm water and wrap it around the tap. You can also pour warm water gently over it, and if it doesn’t work, you can call the plumber to prevent damage. Good is that there is home insurance that covers damage caused by frozen faucets. But they might not cover damages caused by tear and wear or the age of the pipes and the faucet.

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