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Top 10 Tips about Can You Use a Paint Sprayer for Furniture

Can You Use a Paint Sprayer for Furniture

Can You Use a Paint Sprayer for Furniture, Let’s go know Furniture adds elegance to the house, it adds class, style, and color to any space. A piece of furniture that has scratches and abrasion is not a good sight to see and just makes your home look dingy and old. There are ways to make your furniture look brand new again, or at least to make it look presentable once more.

One way is by paint sprayer for furniture. Another way to beautify it is by using a peel-off sticker where you can have many options for the design and color of the sticker. But most people would rather paint their furniture since it will not cost them much and it is easy to do.

There are 2 ways to paint furniture, one is by doing it conventionally where you will use a paintbrush to add color to the furniture, and another way is by using a paint sprayer. Most people choose a paint sprayer for furniture as it takes less time and less effort to do.

Top 10 Tips about Can You Use a Paint Sprayer for Furniture

You should find the right space to do your project first before anything else. It should be well ventilated and not suffocating, and air should be freely circulating. It should be free from clutter or other equipment that may get in the way while you are painting.

Ensure that the space is not cramped and can accommodate you and the furniture. With the furniture, you will paint, ensure that you have removed the screws and other metallic parts the furniture may have, or the handles and knobs. You can paint these parts separately instead.

Not using paint on the wrong furniture.

If you are to use paint on furniture, it should be the right furniture. You are not to use spray paint on a leather sofa, velvet sofa, nor use it on an upholstered one. It is not also well-advised to use spray paint on your antique furniture as it will just lose or degrade its value and will not benefit you at all. Let the antique furniture keep its aged look as this is the reason it is worth a lot of money.

Covering other objects and equipment.

Before you start spray painting your furniture be sure that every space near the designated area where you will do the spray painting is all covered with an old cloth, newspaper, or tape to keep it safe from spray particles. You don’t want the paint coloring the other equipment that is inside your work area, right?

Or better yet, you can remove some equipment that may limit your task of spray painting. This way there will be more space available for you. You should also check any electric outlet that needs to be covered to avoid any untoward incidents.

Sanding the furniture first

You need to sand the furniture first. You may buy sandpaper to complete this task, this way every part will be even and the paint will be able to easily attach to the furniture. This is also a sure-fire way to remove all old paint or varnish.

Cleaning the furniture

After sanding the furniture, you have to clean and remove all the sawdust that came off from the sanding. You may use a soft cloth to do this or you may also use a vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust not just on the furniture but also in the whole area.

This way, when you are already spray painting, there will be no more of this sawdust to get caught in the paint and cling to the furniture again. There is no assurance that all sawdust will be thoroughly removed but it will lessen.

Choosing the right paint and primer to use

You may buy from the paint store where you can also ask for help on the paint and primer that will go together. Sellers will be more than willing to give you a helping hand in that matter. They can also recommend the right brand of paint and primer.

Checking the outcome on a small piece of object

For you to know what color the outcome will be, you can get a piece of a small object and try spray painting it first so you will get accustomed to the force of the spray. You can even try spraying on a piece of cardboard as you can also see the result here. This way you can also easily control the spray when you are spraying on the real thing.

Applying primer first

Since you sanded the wood at the beginning of the project, there will be some uneven surface left so the use of primer will help fill the wood and create a smooth surface for the final spray painting. There is also the wood not having a primer will just soak paint more quickly.

Not against the wind

Check the direction of the wind before spraying paint, you do not want the paint to just evaporate because of strong winds, better yet if you can find an area where it is not enclosed but there is still protected from the strong wind, this should work better in your favor.

Make sure you have a safe distance while spraying paint

You need to ensure you have the right distance when spraying paint on the furniture, the right distance that you will not be able to inhale the particles while spraying, and the right distance that you are targeting the furniture with paint. Ideally, a 6-8 inches distance from the object you are spraying is just the right range.

Use the right equipment

You need to use the right equipment before taking on this job. You can wear a face mask to prevent inhalation of the paint particles, use safety goggles if you have one or glasses, you can also wear the right clothing that is comfortable while you are working on the furniture, you may choose a body covering as well.

The paint that you may inhale is not good for you and may cause some eye irritation, headache, even breathing difficulty.

According to a report also about the dangers of sprayers, it is 80 times more likely for a worker to develop asthma with continuous inhalation of the paint.

While 70% of the workers in the painting industry (spray painting) who experienced dizziness, nausea, and headache are not completely wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) when it happens.

What is a Paint Sprayer for Furniture?

It is a type of airless sprayer that works by pumping the paint to come out a tiny hole in the tip of the spray gun. It uses very high pressure, which can be up to 3,000 psi (volume of air pressure per cubic foot). They make the tip of this spray gun to break up the paint, to be sprayed evenly to any surface.

You may spray any thin liquids such as lacquer, varnish, and stain with the use of different tips. You can even use the paint sprayer not just on furniture but also on doors, woodwork, cabinets, and walls.

Paint sprayers- PROS, and CONS

  • Dries up quickly. Because of the paint that is evenly sprayed, the drying time is lesser and faster.
  • Faster painting time. Because the spray can reach edges and far corners than using a paintbrush, so you get to finish the task faster.
  • Can paint a bigger area. With a faster drying time and the broad reach of a paint sprayer, you will finish more areas in just a shorter time.


  • May use up more paint. The quantity of paint can even double with the use of paint sprayers, most especially if you don’t have the right spray gun. You may need to have additional paint on hand to ensure that you will finish your recent project.

The danger of fume inhalation. Even with conventional painting, there is a danger of paint inhalation and it is also the same with a paint sprayer.

More time is required to clean the sprayer. You need to maintain the sprayer or else paint can easily clog the tip. Additional time is needed to take apart the sprayer to flush out the paint. Every time you change the paint, you need to clean it up.

  • It can be more expensive than using the conventional roller brush. Since the paint you will need when using a paint sprayer doubles, you may need to up your budget.
  • You can only repaint using a paint sprayer and not a roller brush, or it will not look as even as the first time.
  • There is some overspray. Happens when some of the paint that was sprayed just float around the surroundings or any equipment near the spray area. So, the need to cover everything around the work area is a must.

Does the use of a paint sprayer to your furniture add value?

This can be a do-it-yourself project that anyone can accomplish if they like to change the look of their furniture, they have a vast option on what color they prefer. They can just simply varnish the furniture or maybe use a darker color to add elegance to it. The repainting of the handles and knobs will also add value to the refinished furniture. So from the above discussion, we could know about can you use a paint sprayer for furniture. Thanks to all for reading this article.

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