How Much Can A Blanket Raise Body Temp?

Do you have a fever? If you have a fever, your body temperature may be higher than before. Sweating is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of fever.  When we have a fever, our body temperature rises, but we don’t sweat easily. To sweat requires covering your body with something that can generate more heat to the body. We usually use blankets for this method. So, how much can a blanket raise body temp?

Generally, blankets usually help to increase the temperature by only 2 degrees. In fact, it depends entirely on the thickness of your comfort. After reading this content, you can know the ways to create enough body temperature. So without further any due let’s get started.

Key Points:

  • The hot shower will raise your body temperature and make you feel warm.
  • The blanket is also a great way to stay warm and comfortable.
  • Sunshine is one of the best ways to beat the cold weather and keep your body warm.
  • A little workout can help you sweat. It helps to release toxins from your body. Besides, it will make you feel better overall!
  • Drinking warm water is an easy way to stay hydrated and keep your body temperature up!

Do Blankets Raise Your Body Temperature?

Blankets have the ability to raise your body temperature.


The blanket creates a barrier between you and the air around you. That’s why you feel warm while using a blanket. Now, if you ask me, “How much heat can produce a blanket?”

The answer depends on the thickness of your blanket. Normally, a blanket can produce 3 to 5 degrees more than your body’s normal temperature.

So, if you want to raise your body’s temperature then you can use a blanket. So, what about the thickness?

The thickness depends on your country’s weather. If you live in Europe or any of the coolest countries then you need to choose a heavy blanket.

5 Materials That Can Raise Your Temperature

Fever happens when your body temperature is elevated over 100.5 F. It can be mild or serious. It may just be a sign of another health problem. Here are the 5 materials that can raise your temperature.

Sunshine: Sunshine can help raise your body’s temperature while you have a fever. It helps fight off the illness that is causing it. A small increase in body temperature can also make the body’s metabolism work better. If you stand outside where there is a lot of sunshine, it helps to sweat. Sweating helps to raise your temperature very fast. It’s a natural and effective way to reduce your illness. If you haven’t enough energy to go out, then you can follow other ways.

Light Workout: Healthy adults with fevers should never exercise hard. They can do light exercise to help them feel better when they are sick. So, what are the light exercises?

Walking is the first and easiest way. It’s the type of workout you can safely do while feverish. It can help you recover more quickly. Besides, a few push-ups are even better, if you can.

Blanket: Blanket is a cheap, safe, and easily available alternative to conventional medicines for controlling fever. If you can’t do any exercise or stand in the sunshine, then you can use this method.

Buy a thick blanket. The thick blanket can easily make your body naturally. You don’t need to spend enough energy doing this. You should use the blanket for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Hot Bath: Hot bath is one of the most popular ways to raise your body’s temperature. If you have a hot shower system in your house, then you can take advantage of it. Some people think that showers can make them ill. But it’s not true. A hot shower is an effective and perfect way to raise the temperature.

Note: Make sure the water’s temperature is not too high or too low. You can use your hand to examine the temperature.

Eating spicy food: You can eat spicy food to recover from illness very fast. Some spicy foods are Naga burger, spicy curry, and many more. If you don’t love fast food, then you can avoid it. You can find the alternative spicy food that you love. Try to avoid spicy food. Too spicy food makes your throat burn.

You can use other alternative ways that you used previously. But, the above-mentioned ways are the most powerful and effective ways to raise the temperature.

Can An Electric Blanket Make Your Temperature Go Up?

We use electric blankets in order to maintain its natural temperature. Electric blankets have only the ability to warm the air in their immediate surroundings.

So, does a functioning electric blanket affect other parts of the body?

A properly functioning electric blanket will not affect other parts of the body by spreading heat to them. The temperature setting on an electric blanket is extremely important. It should not be ignored.

Don’t become frustrated. There are some quality blankets, which have a facility to set up the temperature according to your needs. But those are expensive. If you have the budget then you can buy them.

What if you don’t have the budget for an expensive blanket? Then you can use natural methods which can raise your body’s temperature. As previously mentioned 5 tricks can easily raise your temperature.

Final Word

A blanket can raise the temperature from normal to 2 degrees or up to 3 degrees.  You can use a blanket if you want to raise the temperature due to fever.

You can also do it instead of using a blanket light workout, hot shower, etc. Make sure you are feeling comfortable with that process.

So, guys, now we are at the bottom part of the content. If you have any more questions you can ask by leaving a simple comment. Thanks for your great effort.

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