Best Trimmer Head For Stihl With Buying Guide of 2022

A lawn or garden full of unevenly growing grass is the last thing a gardening enthusiast wants. Weed eaters are indispensable in maintaining a clean lawn. STIHL offers excellent trimmers, and these units are in circulation all over the world. However, these trimmers tend to wear out with use and need to be replaced.

When looking for the best trimmer head for Stihl, consider how often you will use it. Some people only use their trimmers once annually, while some persons use theirs every day.

If you intend to use the trimmer every day, you’ll probably want one with an automatic power system. These systems will automatically feed new lines to the blades as they rotate. This can help you retain money and time because when the blades wear out, you don’t have to stop and buy new ones.

However, choosing the right trimmer head is difficult because so many options are available. And that’s why we’ve tried to make it easy for you by bringing you this carefully curated list with the top six options to consider. Each has its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Top 6 Best Trimmer Head for Stihl Reviews

We have reviewed each of these 6 picks for your advantage.

1.Shiosheng Best Stihl Trimmer Head

shiosheng Trimmer Head for sthil

Shiosheng Trimmer is a trimmer head with an in-line collision feed. You can choose to have optional adapters or shaft-to-line configurations.

This best Stihl weed eater head is furnished with 25-2 automatic collaborative supply regulators. Because the tap feed is more likely to fit almost any straight-shaft mower, it offers versatility in use.

This trimmer head is functional with 0.080”, 0.095” and 0.14” lines. Pick your weed eater head according to your job requirement. You might not be sure if the trimmer head will suit your trimmer. Well, don’t fear. This particular product is compatible with FS series FS100, FS100RX, FS106 FS108, FS110, FS120, FS130, FS200, FS250, FS 350, FS 450 and FS 550.

Moreover, this excellent product works perfectly with KM55, KM85, KM90, FR106, 100RX, and FS-KM Weed Eater.

Its sturdy construction and cheap price place it at the top of the list. The fitting procedure for this weed eater head is quite simple, although it can be a bit tricky to remove. You can use this trimmer head as a cutting head to get an effective result while working.

In-Built Specification

  • Shaft Dimensions: 1.0 LHF x 10mm, 1.25 LHF x 10mm
  • Compatible with 0.080-inches, 0.095-inches or 0.105-inches lines.
  • Autocut with dual 25-2 self-cutting lines, compatible with most candid shaft trimmer
  • Contains a bump feed trimmer head with line and a non-compulsory adaptor


  • Simple installation process.
  • Long-lasting shaving head with sturdy construction
  • Affordable prices with high working efficiency.
  • A great string.
  • 25-2 dual-line feed with automatic cut-off.


  • Difficult to remove.

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2.Stens – 385-861 Trimmer Head, Stihl

Stens - 385-861 Trimmer Head

STIHL has dominated the mower market for years. They are renowned for making durable and efficient products. This weed eater head is one of STIHL’s best weed eater heads for Stihl.

The STIHL 4002-710-2108 is equipped with an automatic trimmer head, and the double line ensures an efficient cutting and trimming experience. Save time working with nylon threads. This line is automatically powered by touch action, making it even more efficient.

Additionally, this trimmer head uses a 25-2 blade type and a line diameter of 0.095 inches. It is also an ideal line diameter.

You must be wondering about the price. Although it may cost you extra money, you can get a good quality product.

Keep in mind; You may have trouble winding the line around the spool when using it in the woods. But it’s pretty easy because it’s done by scrolling backward.

In-Built Specification

  • Uses a 25-2 blade type
  • Standard 0.095 inch diameter
  • Automatic cutting head
  • The double line for cutting and trimming
  • The nylon thread is automatically fed to tap action.


  • Convenient to use for cutting and finishing.
  • The action of the tap facilitates wire feeding.
  • Contains an automatic cutting head.
  • You can be very stressed.


  • Rewinding is difficult in the wood.

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3.AMINORD AutoCut 25-2 OEM Trimmer for Stihl

AMINORD 2 Packs Trimmer Head for Echo Speed Feed 400 SRM

This Autocut 25-2 cutter head uses the 0.080″, 0.095″ or 0.105″ cutting line. The Autocut cutter head is the dual-line for cutting and trimming. It is straightforward to install; requiring no tools for the installation procedure.

You can be sure that you will have a pretty durable head if you buy it! Carefully constructed, it is meant to last you a long time.

This motorized weed eater is compatible with most STIHL lawn mowers that contain straight shafts.

Double lines work perfectly for trimming grass to the correct length. Adjustment is also easy, even for beginners.

Though, replacing the cover after replacing the trimmer handle may take some time and experience. This weed eater is worth it, especially since it is quite cheap.

In-Built Specification

  • This cutting head uses 0.080″, 0.095″ or 0.105″ cutting line.
  • Automatic trimmer head with a double line for trimming and cutting
  • The package includes two packs of 25-2 automatic cutting heads. Benefit from the best price and the best quality on Aminord-Direct.
  • Six months warranty, order with confidence.


  • Comes with a fully loaded trimmer line
  • Integrated cutting line for smooth performance
  • Excellent for use in gardens and agriculture
  • The best trimmer head replacement, at an affordable price


  • There are no instructions, so installation may take some time.

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4. Anzac 25-2 AutocutTrimmer Head For Stihl

Anzac 25-2 Autocut FS56RC Trimmer Head for Stihl

Anzac Trimmer is a trimmer head with an in-line bump feed. It can have optional adapters or shaft-to-line configurations. This head is equipped with 25-2 automatic two-way supply valves. Because the bump feed is more likely to fit almost any straight weed eater, it offers flexibility in use.

This head is compatible with 0.080”, 0.095” and 0.14” lines. Choose your head according to your needs. You wonder if this matches your beliefs or not. Well, don’t worry.

Its durable construction and affordable price put it on our list. The installation process for this printhead is quite simple, although it can be a bit tricky to remove. You can use this weed eater as a cutting head to get an effective result while working.

In-Built Specification

  • LHF adapter size 10 mm x 1.0
  • Compatible with selected brands


  • Straightforward installation procedure.
  • Enduring trimming head with tough build
  • Inexpensive prices with extraordinary working proficiency.
  • An incredible line.
  • 25-2 double bypass power supply with automatic shutdown.


  • Difficult to remove.

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5.PowekaAutocut 25-2 impact mower for Stihl

PowekaAutocut 25-2 impact mower for Stihl

The PowekaAutocut 25-2 Power Bump Mower is a fantastic weed eater that can help you get rid of those twisted, uncut trails and give you the best gardening experience you’ve ever dreamed of.

The versatile head fits 99% of motorcycles on the market and performs like a pro! It is a unique head weed consumer that can also prevent breakage.

Therefore, it is easy to set up and includes 0.095-inch strip lines. It is one of the preferred options for your money. Once purchased, you will never have to align your mower traditionally again.

In-Built Specification

  • Compatible with STIHL trimmer models
  • Thread Size: 10mm x 1.0 LHT, use 0.080″, 0.095″ or 0.105″ cutting line.
  • Premium Quality – Replacement parts are made from high-quality materials, durable, easy to install, and long-lasting.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Easily cut weeds
  • Can cope with the toughest weeds
  • Easy to use
  • Promises great durability


  • No plastic protective frames around the line

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6. Euros Trimmer Head With A Line Fit For Stihl

Euros Trimmer Head with Line Fit for Stihl

The Euros Trimmer head is robust and offers the quietest operation possible. The Euros trimmer is a versatile and durable head that makes trimming easier for all gardeners. It is also designed for heavy users of commercial herbs. Besides being easy to use, it also makes very little noise. It is an excellent product for dealing with heavy bushes, grass, and weeds.

It consistently remains steady during usage and fits virtually 95% of the existing curved axle weed eater. Additionally, it has six included handles measuring 0.095 inches and can also hold a line from 0.080 inches to 0.155 inches.

The mower is very efficient for borders, lawns, gardens, and driveways. Linear axis motors are very easy to assemble. Then the universal mower will give you the extreme performance you need!

In-Built Specification

  • The package includes: 1 head
  • Spare part number: 4002 710 2191
  • The trimmer head uses a fine line: 10mm x 1.0 LHF does not equal 10mm x 1.25 LHF.
  • The company offers 100% perfect customer service.


  • Simple design, therefore easy to use
  • An acceptable level of compatibility with other trimmers – comes with the necessary adapters
  • Easy to use
  • Supports up to 155 inches of line
  • The headworks efficiently


  • It may not fit some models, such as the best trimmer head for Stihl fs45
  • Certainly not the most powerful, but effective

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Types of Weed Eater Heads

The head of the trimmer is the part that does the trimming. You can find three different types of heads for Stihl weedeater on the market, and your choice can make or break your cutting experience. Although trimmer heads have fancy names for heads, there are only three types of head designs.

Bump Feed

The bump feed System gets its name from the way it works. To cut effectively, you will need to tap or “knock” the bottom of the mower on the ground. Wires of varying lengths are coiled around the reel through lead-ins in the replacement cutting head with a protruding feed head. Many gardeners prefer impact feed heads for their ease of use and convenience. However, since it is a continuous bumping, you will have to regularly replace the weed eater head.

Fixed line

The fixed-line head is a practical wedding head that can last longer than the other two. With a fixed head system, you only need to load individual line lengths into the trimmer when required instead of winding an entire spool. This eliminates the problem of wrapping the line around the haircut, which makes managing the weed eater much more convenient.

The fixed-line head is commonly used for commercial clippers, especially those that require thick lines. Because the lines are thicker and more robust, you don’t have to struggle with regular trimmer replacement.’s perfect for anyone who struggles to wrap a weed eater’s head.

Automatic feeding

An automatic fuel system is standard among contemporary weed eaters. An automated feed system also uses a wire winding motor like a bump feed system. However, the process is entirely automatic. Since you don’t have to touch the trimmer, you can finish the cut faster and easier.

On the other hand, the problem with automatic feeding is that replacing the winding motor is quite expensive if damaged.

Best Trimmer Head Buying Guide For STIHL

From a technical point of view, the weed eater head is an essential part of your weed eater because it is where you place the wire you are cutting. This part is most likely to break as it continues to come into contact with debris and other objects in your yard. Therefore, you will only need to replace it after a while. To minimize the need for replacement, you need to buy the best trimmer head for precisely what you’re using.

Choose Between An Electric Or Gasoline Weed Eater Head

A gas cutting head is more robust than an electric cutting head, making it suitable for heavy loads.

Although electric heads have become popular today, they still have several advantages and disadvantages. Your choice is primarily dependent on which type you prefer. A gas-powered trimmer head will need fuel before it can start. Although not an eco-friendly option, it produces more energy and can last longer.

On the other hand, an electric trimmer head is much lighter and easier to use. However, it’s not as strong as a gas head, which means you won’t be able to cover an extended area as quickly as possible.

Choose The Right Size.

The size of the head you prefer will make all the difference in the size of your garden. For example, getting a smaller head is ideal for smaller gardens. Meanwhile, more extensive lawns require a large head over 0.100 inches.

Choose A Head Compatible With Your Trimmer

Please note that different best trimmer heads are made for various brands of trimmers.

Even if you have bought the best lawn mower on the market, it is still useless if it is not compatible with your mower. Therefore, you should read the features and specifications to ensure it works perfectly with your instrument. Fortunately, the products listed above are compatible with most hair clippers available.

Choose The Right Blade For Your Project

A blade trimmer is ideal for cutting thicker weeds and even small branches.

Depending on the cutting project you wish to participate in, you will need to decide on the preferred shape of the head blade. Ahead with two rotating blades will suffice for small projects involving light loads. However, if you’re dealing with a more challenging task, you’ll need a cutter head with larger blades.

Decide What Type Of Trimmer Head You Want

There are basically three types of trimmer heads available. A good idea is to choose the one that best suits your needs. If you want a convenient and easy-to-use option, you can opt for an anti-collision power system. However, if you want a more durable product, you should opt for a head/fixed-line system. Finally, the automated line feed system is for you if you want a cutting head with an automatic line feed.

Easy To Use

Comfort is the first thing everyone will consider when choosing a product. Because if you don’t feel comfortable with what you’re doing, you can’t do it accurately. Trimmer head selection is no exception. Opt for a trimmer head that is easy to spool. Manual winding sometimes reduces cutting productivity.

How to Change a trimmer Head

Replacing a trimmer head is quick and easy as long as you follow these steps:

  • Do not begin this work until the necessary safety precautions have been taken.
  • Always follow the instructions provided in the user guide that the manufacturer usually includes with the purchased product. However, most trimmer heads have similar heads, and their indentation is almost identical. However, if you have one that requires a different approach, identify the differences, follow the recommendations, and you’ll have no problem getting it right.
  • The process of removing a weed eater head depends on the model. You will need a wrench or a small screwdriver. If there is a small hole on the side of the cover, you can use a screwdriver. Otherwise, a key is needed to replace the cutting head.
  • When using a wrench, hold the mower upside down. Using the wrench, hold the protective cap that sits above the shaft. Turn the mower counterclockwise with your other hand, then loosen it off the shaft.
  • Then turn the new one clockwise on the shaft while holding the protective cover with the key. Be sure to tighten the cutter head before starting the machine.
  • When using a screwdriver, hold the trimmer upside down and twist the dust cover until the small hole in the side aligns with the hole in the side of the gearbox. Insert the screwdriver into the holes and hold it in place by turning the head clockwise.
  • Be very careful when replacing this part of your trimmer! An improper head replacement may result in personal injury or injury to others around you the next time you use the device.
  • Secure the new head by screwing it into the shaft counterclockwise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I change my trimmer head?

You must follow the instructions in the product manual. If it is not provided manually, check the videos on the Internet. Disassembly and installation instructions are usually straightforward to find.

Should the trimmer head be submerged in water?

It may sound unbelievable, but it’s a proven method. The strings turn very quickly and therefore tend to dry out. This makes it weaker and therefore more susceptible to wear. This is why some professionals soak it in water before using it. This gives the yarn a better grip and also makes it more flexible.

Will grass get stuck inside a trimmer head?

Some trimmer heads have a compact design. You will usually notice that the lines are tangled inside the instrument. These patterns are more likely to get stuck on rough grass edges. More advanced models allow more space and better grip of the strings, avoiding this problem over time.

What is the best material to make string lines from?

Nylon is generally considered the most sturdy material in this regard. Some manufacturers also add aluminum to improve its longevity and functionality further. Polyethene and Teflon are also commonly used to make ropes more flexible.

What size trimmer head should I use?

The size of the weed eater head will depend on the intended use. For easy tasks and small turfs, small trimming heads are appropriate and vice versa for a large task.

How can I make my shaving head more durable?

There are two things to note. One of them is the quality of the material because a higher quality material will be more durable. The other thing is the moving parts because the shorter the trimming, the more likely it is to last.


There are so many options for a weed eater head on the market. Choosing the right product will make it easier to use and ensure an efficient cutting experience. After a more detailed review of the best trimmer head for Stihl and the Buyer’s Guide, we hope you find what you are looking for.

Best of Luck!!!

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