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Top 6 Best Shower Head Orgasm-[Reviews & Buying Guide]

Do you know that one researcher says that 33.23% of men or women lost their feelings after orgasm? The main reason behind this is not to use a suitable showerhead. The best shower head orgasm is a feeling of euphoria that occurs when water flows over your body. It’s not just about getting clean, it’s about being in touch with yourself and reconnecting with nature.

We want to help you find your own personal best showerhead orgasm by providing an extensive list of reviews on different types of showers heads. Our products are made with high-quality materials and offer the most satisfying experience possible. They will make your showers feel amazing. Just like having an orgasm every time you step in the bathtub or take a shower! And they come at affordable prices too! Once you get it, we hope that this article has helped guide your decision!

How Did We Choose The Best Shower Head Orgasm?

We have selected 6 of the best shower heads for you. We spent more than 12 hours researching and testing them out to find which ones are worth your time and money. No matter what your needs are, we have something that will work for you. From handheld to rainfall, there is a perfect showerhead waiting for you!

You deserve the best of everything and these showers will give it to you. They’ll make your bathroom experience more enjoyable than ever before with their high-quality water pressure and easy installation process. These products are worth every penny!

Quick Summary

 Editor’s Choice: DELTA 5-Spray Dual Hand Held Shower Head

  • Best for its perfect flow rate
  • Best for its quality material
  • Best for its handheld spraying cuff

Budget Pick: Moen Engage Magnetix Multi-Function Handshower

  • Best for its low budget
  • Best for its secure docking
  • Best for its stainless steel hose

Top 6 Best Shower Head Orgasm Reviews

If you want a good feeling while masturbating and want to hold the feeling after orgasm, then you must choose a good quality shower head. I have found the 6 best shower heads for orgasms for you that are high quality, low price & perfect for holding feelings after orgasm. Let’s get started one by one.

1.DELTA 5-Spray Dual Hand Held Shower Head

best shower head orgasm

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The first product on our list is DELTA 5-Spray Dual Hand Held Shower Head.  This showerhead is highly efficient and does not use wastewater. The showerhead has five differently angled spouts that can be adjusted to the wanted area or people simultaneously. It’s able to provide a total of 10 different spray forms because of its multiple nozzles.

This showerhead comes with a handheld spraying cuff that is perfect for rinsing hair or cleaning the body and has a magnetic docking system that holds them on. They are made of plastic thus they are sturdy and easy to use. The flow rate is 2.5 GPM at 80 PSI. It is the best shower head for orgasm.

Moreover, this showerhead has a chrome-plated metal construction that makes it long-lasting as well as professional-looking. It weighs 1.7 pounds and measures 8 inches in length, 7 inches in width, 3.5 inches in height. The package includes a shower arm as well as a wall bracket for easier installation thus it is easy to use even if you are not an experienced plumber. There are lots of key features like this, which we will discuss in the “key features” section.

Technical Specifications:


Material: ABS – Plastic

Color: Stainless steel

Setting Type: Message

Dimension: ‎5.5 x 6.88 x 11.57 inches

Weight: ‎3.95 pounds

Key Features & Products Benefits:

Shower Arm Sold Separately: It is the most important feature of this showerhead. It has a magnetic docking system that holds it onto the arm tightly, making it easy to use and preventing dripping.

Showered Area Adjustment: Five nozzle settings can be adjusted to change the spraying pattern according to the needs of users.

Full Spray Pattern Coverage: The five atomizing nozzles provide a full spray pattern coverage that allows users to scrub down effectively.

Dual Hand Held Spray Rings: The dual handheld spray rings give you the convenience to hold it by hand and clean the body or hair at will. It can also be used as handheld mists for aromatherapy.


  • Unique Pause Feature
  • Stainless Steel Hose
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Modern design
  • Perfect for holding feelings after orgasm


  • Sometimes it cannot be adjusted to mist function

2.Moen 3668EPBN Handheld Showerhead

best shower head for orgasm

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The second product on our list is Moen Handheld Showerhead. This showerhead has an impressive height of 20.7 inches with a distance arm measuring 27.5 inches. The water flow is 2 gallons per minute which will definitely satisfy your need for that hot shower. With a wide coverage area, the power of this handheld can be felt at any part of your body which leaves you with a refreshed feeling after every single use.

The connector and hose itself are 68 inches long which gives you enough space to move around even in the tightest of spaces. The manufacturer assures us that this showerhead is capable of producing a consistent water flow at all times. There are lots of key features like this, we will discuss more in the “Key features” section.

Technical Specifications:

Brand: Moen

Material: ABS – Plastic

Color: Brushed Nickel

Setting Type: Full body

Dimension: ‎‎33 x 5.88 x 3.25 inches

Weight: ‎2.4 pounds

Key Features & Products Benefits:

Large Spray Head: The spray head size of this shower head is 2.5 inches which can provide a wide coverage area with each use. The size and diameter of the water stream are crucial for an enjoyable shower.

Metal Hose: The hose is made of solid metal, and it will not rust or stain easily. The length of this flexible water tube with a diameter of 1/2 inches is about 69 inches.

Easy to Install and Use: The installation of this handheld showerhead does not require any extra tools or professional assistance. It will only take a couple of minutes and you are good to go.


  • 24 inches slide bar
  • 75 GPM flow rate
  • Modern technology used
  • User friendly


  • The showerhead holder is too short

3.Moen Engage Magnetix Multi-Function Handshower

best shower head orgasm

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The 3rd product on our list is the Moen Magnetix Multi-Function Handshower. The main feature that is different from the other two products on our list is this hand shower has a magnetic docking system, which allows you to easily detach and use as a handheld showerhead or effortlessly replace it to dock with the snap of a magnet. It is the best showerhead for orgasm.

It’s very flexible at 5.3 inches, and it’s easy to adjust the spray pattern with just a flip of your wrist. This unique showerhead has 5 distinct settings: full body spray, wide massage spray, pulsating massage spray, combination pulse-spray, and pause-spray. The water flow rate is 2.5 gallons/10.2 liters. There are lots of key features like this, we will discuss more in the “Key features’ ‘ section.

Technical Specifications:

Brand: Moen

Material: Nickel

Color: Spot Resist Brushed Nickel

Finish Type: Brushed

Dimension: 33 x 5.88 x 3.25 inches

Weight: 3.34 pounds

Key Features & Products Benefits:

Flexible shower head: The additional flexible hose allows you to easily adjust the spray pattern with just a flip of your wrist, and extending reach by an additional 5.3 inches

Spot resist finish: It resists water spots so it will keep looking like new for longer than other finishes out there.

Adjustable flow control: Setting the perfect flow is easily achieved with the dual-function, easy-to-use flow control.


  • Magnetic Base.
  • Easy Flow Control.
  • Modern design
  • Include warranty


  • Flow is not strong

4.All Metal Hand Held Shower Head

best handheld shower head for orgasm

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The 4th product on our list is this All Metal Hand Held Shower Head. It is very easy to install and can be done within minutes.  The water pressure can be set to your liking, and once you are done with the combination of handheld shower and rain shower head settings. You can enjoy the soft spray mode where the water comes out in a gentle mist. This system is made from metal which ensures that it will last for much longer than other products on the market. It is the best handheld shower head for orgasm.

It’s a two in one combination, so the showerhead has good water pressure. It also is easy to install and has an extra-long hose so you can adjust it for your needs. This product is very affordable and well made. It makes this an excellent choice if you are looking for something to replace a broken showerhead. It makes the perfect gift for any occasion, and you will be satisfied with its performance. There are lots of key features like this, we will discuss more in the “Key features’ ‘ section.

Technical Specifications:

Brand: HammerHead Showers

Material: Metal

Color: Polished Chrome

Setting Type: Rain

Hose length: 72 inches

Key Features & Products Benefits:

Adjustable Bracket: The telescopic arm makes it easy to find the right position.  The part closest to the wall can be extended by 8″ for a longer reach and best performance.

Constructed From All Metal: This is a metal shower head. The combination of the rain and handheld spray mode will give you a wide selection of water pressure when using this system.

72 Inch Long Flexible Hose: When the system is installed, your shower head will come with a 72″ long hose. This is more than enough for most households and it will give you the freedom to move without having to adjust your position.


  • 5 GPM High Flow Regulator
  • Adjustable Bracket
  • Long Flexible Hose
  • Modern design


  • Rain setting not full-on

5.Bright Showers high-pressure handheld Showerhead

best showerhead for orgasm

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The 5th product on our list is Bright Showers high-pressure Handheld Showerhead.  The Showerhead itself is made of brass. It has a solid brass connector that connects it to the water supply pipe this Showerhead has a pressure of 1.8GPM and a flow rate of 2.5GPM, giving you the perfect high-pressure showering experience.

This  Showerhead has a solid brass connector that is designed to fit all standard shower arms. The installation of this high-pressure showerhead is very easy. With its high-quality construction, it will last you for years to come.  It is very easy to clean this product.

It has an adjustable arm that allows you to change the position of the showerhead within its range, allowing for a convenient and comfortable showering experience. There are lots of key features like this, which we will discuss in the “key features” section.

Technical Specifications:


Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color: Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Setting Type: Rain

Dimension: ‎27.95 x 11.81 x 5.83 inches

Weight: ‎8.13 pounds

Key Features & Products Benefits:

Free Brass Slide Bar: The Showerhead comes with a 1-year limited warranty for your money back if you are not satisfied

High-Quality Solid Brass: The Showerhead is made of solid brass, which makes it sturdy and durable.

High-Pressure: The Showerhead has a pressure rating of 1.8GPM. This Showerhead has a flow rate of 2.5GPM, giving you the perfect showering experience every time


  • Modern design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible


  • Its weight is comparatively higher than others.

6.DELTA 58498-BL In2ition Hand Shower Head

best shower head for female orgasm

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The final product in our list is the one from Delta. It is the high-pressure handheld shower head that offers you a lot of options. The product has been made by using advanced technology and the build quality is really good. It is the best way for women to orgasm with a showerhead.

It comes with in2ition 2.0 spray technology that makes water flow smoothly through it without causing any trouble to you at all times. It provides you with a massage spray and provides you with a lot of comforts while you are using it in the shower. The pressure is always consistent, so you experience pleasure all the time without any trouble. There is no doubt it is the best shower head for female orgasm.

The model is available in four different colors. If you want to have a modern look, then delt 58498-BL can be bought for sure. If you are busy, then you can simply order it online and get it delivered to your address. There are lots of key features like this, which we will discuss in the “key features” section.

Technical Specifications:


Material: ABS – Plastic

Color: Matte Black

Setting Type: Pause, Massage

Dimension: ‎5.63 x 6 x 10.38 inches

Weight: ‎6.7 ounces

Key Features & Products Benefits:

Full spray with massage: When you want to get a full-body spray, then surprisingly this model comes with the best option for you. This option will help you in getting comfort while using it.

Durability: The product is made by using 100% high-quality ABS plastic. This material makes the model highly durable and beautiful at the same time.

Easy to install: Installing this showerhead will be an easy task for you, and you’ll find it is really easy even when you are doing it without any help.


  • Perfect shower head.
  • It’s very reasonable.
  • Modern design.
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to adjust the settings.

Buying Guide – The Things You Should Consider

If you haven’t bought a showerhead before, then you should follow the following points: This will allow you to get better products. So let’s see which points should be kept in mind when buying a showerhead:

The Purpose of the Showerhead

When you are buying a new showerhead, it is important to know for what purpose you need this. You should also find out how many people will use the shower, especially how many people will be in the flow of water.

Opt for a High-Quality Showerhead

If you want to buy a good showerhead for your house, then you should consider buying an expensive one. There are various types of showerheads that are sold in the market. While buying, you should talk to people about their experience with these products.

Choose a Type of shower

When you buy a showerhead, the main purpose is to enjoy a fresh and new experience every day. People love showering because it gives them a feeling of relaxation. There are different types of showers available in the market, such as Massage showers and Rainfall Shower, etc.

Know the Flow Rate

The flow rate is also an important factor to consider while buying showerheads. The flow rate of water in the shower determines the amount of water that will be used at a single time. It is better to opt for products with high flow rates because it can save water and electricity bills.

Choose a Material of Construction

When you are buying the showerhead, choose a material that you feel is comfortable. For example, if you are buying a metal showerhead or plastic one then do check whether the material is rust-proof and durable to ensure the longevity of the showerhead.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

How much should I spend on the showerhead?

The cost of showerheads is quite high, so you should spend as much money as possible. However, do not buy an expensive product just because it is expensive. Check the quality of the product and then compare it with others.  Check the features of a product and then buy it.

Which type of showerhead should I buy?

There are 3 types of showerheads available in the market. They are Cascading, Massage, and Rainfall Shower. Choose the one you think is good for you.

What are the Flow Rates of showerheads?

Normally, a high flow rate means a high water consumption. If you want to save water, then choose a showerhead that has low flow rates. Like in the case of 7-10 gallons per minute is considered to be a high flow rate, while 1.5-2 gallons per minute is a low flow rate.

What are the materials of construction used in showerheads?

The materials used in making showerheads are either metal or plastic. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. While buying showerheads, you should consider the pros and cons of both metal and plastic to decide which is best for you.

Final Words

Who doesn’t want to hold the feeling after orgasm? If you use a good quality shower head, it will definitely give you a good feeling while orgasming. Keeping your words in mind, we have selected the 6 best shower head orgasms. Every product is affordable, has quality material & well flow rate. So buy today according to your choice. If you have any new questions on this topic, don’t forget to message us. Thanks.

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