Best Saw Blade For Vinyl Plank Flooring of 2022

Instead of installing expensive hardwood flooring that requires frequent maintenance, you can consider using a modern alternative to vinyl planks. This option offers many options to the costly hardwood option, but if you are used to wood, you may have questions with regards to this material. One of the most recurring questions is: what can be used to cut the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl flooring is an accessible material to work with and install. You don’t need special tools to cut the material correctly. Cutting tools you can use include a laminated tile cutter, hand saw, circular saw, table saw blade for vinyl plank flooring, miter saw blade for vinyl plank flooring, jigsaw, or Dremel.

If you have decided to install a saw blade for vinyl flooring yourself, you will need to pre-plan a few things in advance. Although the woodworking hobby seems the most relaxing, it takes a lot of patience. Plus, a proper tool kit is another must-have item that will make your woodworking easier. In short, professional equipment plays a key role, even if you are a beginner.

The type of blade you choose for cutting vinyl flooring makes a big difference. You need to select the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring to avoid problems. There are many choices, and it can be overwhelming at times. You feel trapped and unable to choose the best one for your vinyl floor.

We wrote this article to help you in this situation. You will only be able to see the best products, and you will have a list to choose from. You will also have a good knowledge of its features and benefits. This information will be beneficial for you in selecting the one that best suits your needs. Stay with us to the end of the article to find out more.

What Is A Saw Blade?

A saw is a cutting tool that consists of a sturdy blade, wire, or chain with a hard, jagged edge. It is used to cut materials, most often wood, although sometimes metal or stone.

Cutting is achieved by placing the serrated edge on the material and moving it forcefully forward and with weaker force backward or continuously forward. This motion can be applied manually or with steam, water, electricity, or other energy sources. An abrasive saw has a motorized circular blade designed to cut metal or ceramic.

Here Is The List of The Top 6 Best Saw Blade For Vinyl Plank Flooring

Please explore the exclusive reviews section below to find the best vinyl plank flooring saw blade.

1. Freud 10 “x 80T Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Sheet

Freud 10 In. 80 Tooth Ultimate Plywood and Melamine Cutting Saw Blade

This full-kerf blade has 80 ATB teeth and promises a “smooth glass finish” when cutting hard and softwood. Freud does this in part by grinding the sides of the teeth for a shiny finish to not leave traces of saw marks that will require sanding.

Distinct features of this blade include:

  • 10″ blade, 5/8-inch Arbor, Hi-ATB grind, 80-teeth, 126-inch kerf, coupling angle 2°
  • QualityTiCo high-density carbide cross-cut combination for extreme performance
  • HiATB (High Alternating Top Bevel) Tooth design produces chip-free cuts. Maximum RPM: 7000
  • Laser- Cut anti-vibration slots dramatically reduce vibration and lateral movement during cutting, extending blade life and providing a clean, crisp, chip-free finish.
  • Perma-Shield non-stick coating reduces blade resistance and protects the blade from corrosion and tar deposits.

Due to the large number of teeth, it will be necessary to insert the workpiece even more slowly through this blade than a 60 tooth blade. But you will probably make up for lost time because you will have minimal cleaning to do afterward. Many customers report that they don’t need to carry out any sanding before gluing the pieces together, with die-cut finishes reminiscent of 400 grit sanding.

This blade is generally more expensive than one would expect, given the quality of the results. But the time saved by not cleaning up imperfect cuts means it is worth its value.


  • Hi-ATB teeth reduce chipping
  • Designed for maximum stability
  • Long manufacturing time


  • Expensive

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2. Freud 10″ X 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade

Freud LM72R010 10-Inch 24 Tooth FTG Ripping Saw Blade

This full-cutting blade has 24 flat-surface teeth optimized for breaking thick or rigid materials. Make clean cuts, which are usually ready to glue, without the need for additional sanding or cleaning.

Although the full-kerf blades sometimes overload less powerful motors, customers report that this blade breaks well even with 1 3/4 HP motors. (However, Freud offers a very similar fine-edged version of this blade, if you’re concerned about engine horsepower.)

Unique features of this blade:

  • 10″ blade, flat grind, 24 teeth, 126-inch kerf, 5/8-inch arbor, 20-degree coupling angle
  • SuperiorTiCo high-density carbide scarifying combination for extreme performance
  • Extra-large flat tooth design leaves a smooth finish without the need for sanding or gluing
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration slots dramatically reduce vibration and lateral movement during cutting, extending blade life and providing a clean, crisp, chip-free finish.
  • Perma-Shield non-stick coating reduces blade resistance and protects the blade from corrosion and tar deposits.

Eight laser-cut vibration reduction slots in the body and four expansion slots around the edge ensure a very quiet blade. One reviewer called it the quietest blade he has ever used. The teeth are Freud’s proprietary blend of cobalt and titanium carbide, which would be optimized for use in tear-off applications.

Maximum performance is guaranteed from the premium Tico™ high-density carbide blade. Laser-cut damping technology reduces vibration and lateral movement during the cutting process, covering the blade’s life and providing a clean, crisp, chip-free finish. This blade also has a Perma-Shield non-stick coating, reducing blade resistance, protecting against corrosion, and increasing tone.

Freud 10 “x 24T Heavy Duty Cutting Blades range in thickness from ¾” to 2-3 / 4 “. Finally, this is one of the best saw blades for cutting vinyl plank flooring and does not require a stabilizer. This blade is one of the best non-motorized saw blades.


  • This blade uses a high-quality, high-density Tico carbide cutting mix
  • Guarantees its maximum performance.
  • Its wide, flat design provides a smooth cut finish.
  • Its anti-vibration grooves reduce vibrations.
  • The Perma-Shield coating on this blade reduces blade strength and protects it from corrosion.
  • You can use this blade on any non-motorized saw.


  • This blade is not perfect for cutting 1/8 “grooves.
  • This sheet is a bit expensive compared to any other saw blade.

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3.Makita B-69646 14″ Diamond Blade

Makita B-69646 14" Diamond Blade

Makita Diamond Blades are built for use with power saws to cut various masonry materials. The high-quality steel core is tensioned for accurate cuts and longer life. Each blade contains the best class diamonds, and the edges are laser fused for longer life and enhanced cutting proficiency.

These diamond concrete blades are highly durable and rugged, initially designed for heavy-duty gas cutters.

Three blades for a total weight of 13lbs are included. Makita discs are heavier than regular blades. It is primarily intended for professional use. They are not very practical for use in everyday situations and are well suited to durable materials in the most demanding applications.

Some of its specifications include:

  • Segments larger than 12mm are designed for longer life and faster cutting
  • General purpose blade for cutting hardened concrete, blocks, and bricks
  • Laser welding to ensure the most robust possible connection
  • Segmented slots help make cutting faster and cooler in many applications
  • Specially built to handle the extreme power of hedge trimmers in the most demanding applications.

If you are not a professional, using Makita discs may be excessive. The diamond concrete blades, with a diameter of 14-inches, differ significantly in their versatility.


  • The blades are sharp to produce a mirror surface.
  • A fine groove means the blades are easier to handle
  • It also does not overheat, which preserves the life of the carbide blades.
  • Versatile for cross-cutting and bevel cutting.


  • The blade is loud
  • The blade gets blunt quickly

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4. Freud D1208DH Diablo 12-Inch Saw Blade, Multi

Freud D1208DH Diablo 12-Inch by 8 Tooth Polycrystalline Diamond Tipped TCG Hardie Fiber Cement Saw Blade

This Freud D1208DH Diablo 12 inch saw blade consists of TCG Hardiefiber cement with a polycrystalline diamond tip.

This blade has several 100 teeth, which can easily cut many types of wood. It has a laser-cut notch which in many cases produces a smooth cut, like 120-grit sandpaper.

Some of its unique features include:

  • The limited lifetime warranty of Freud
  • Fiber CEMENT blade 12X8 PCD
  • Three-chip PCD design provides up to 60 times longer cutting time than standard carbide blades
  • Anti-vibration design stabilizes the blade and reduces cutting noise, and the Parma-Shield non-stick coating reduces heat

The blade uses a unique Parma-Shield coating, which resists rust and corrosion, prevents glue build-up, and protects the blade from heat. The Laser-cut exhaust openings lessen vibration and sound to help produce a neat cut, and the carbide maintains a sharp and solid surface for a longer period.

The only polycrystalline diamond fiber (PCD) concrete saw James Hardie approved blade. Developed by James Hardy and Freud Diablo, the three-chip PCD design provides up to 60 times the cutting life of standard carbide blades. The laser-cut and fine kerf design deliver fast and precise cuts with less dust and debris.

For a durable blade that powers through fiber cement, with clean and low dust cross-cut blade, Freud D1208DH Diablo 12-Inch Fiber Saw Blade is the go-to blade. Featuring James Hardie’s patented Polycrystalline Diamond Point (PCD) design, this blade generates minimal dust, is still easy to handle, and provides long life.


  • Excellent cut finish
  • Freud’s advanced high-density carbide
  • Low friction non-stick coating


  • Expensive

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5. Oshlun SBNF-100100 10-Inch 100 Tooth TCG Saw Blade

Oshlun SBNF-100100 10-Inch 100 Tooth TCG Saw Blade

Ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and nickel, the Oshlun SBNF-100100 10 Inch 100 Tooth TCG Saw Blade can also be used to cut various other materials with high-level precision.

Its precision and accuracy are made easier because it is made of professional-grade carbide. Each hacksaw has a perfect finish with a three-chip setup (TCT). To allow the saw blade to expand as it heats up, it has several extension slots coated with copper. This will keep the cuts you make straight and true.

Provided below are some of its extraordinary features:

  • Professional grade C-1 carbide
  • Negative hook angle
  • Triple grinding of chipped teeth
  • Precision ground carbide tips
  • Copper plated expansion housings

The Oshlun SBNF-100100 10″ 100-tooth TCG saw blade produces minimal vibration and very little noise. However, these advantages mean that it comes at a high price. But if you want to use the saw blade to do a lot of cuts through the plastic and aluminum, other better models are available on the market today.

The blade is prepared from viable C-1 carbide for stability. Also, the Chip Tooth Grind construction provides the perfect qualities for splinting allows, such as brass, copper, aluminum, and bronze.

With regard to the blade’s rising temperature, you don’t have to stress because as the blade temperature increases, the copper-connected extension connectors permit it to expand effortlessly.

As for the price, we know that it is a bit expensive for many users, but you will undoubtedly appreciate its performance.


  • It has a high level of precision.
  • It has a three-chip configuration.
  • Produces little vibration


  • Is expensive
  • Not very efficient at cutting plastic.

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6. FESTOOL Diamond Saw Blade 160×2

FESTOOL Diamond Saw Blade 160x2, 2x20

This saw is well built and durable to withstand heavy use day in and day out in a busy workplace. Critics give it a high score for its reliable accuracy. An Amazon customer praised the cuts as being so perfectly straight and smooth that they looked like they had been laser cut. This saw comes with one tool, but Festool sells the same model as part of a kit that includes a conveyor belt. Either way, the splinters will be passed.

Some of its identified features include:

  • Precise cutting of materials with minimum dust combined with Festool CT mobile vacuum cleaners.
  • High cutting performance when cutting fiber cement materials.
  • Specially developed for Festool TS 55 REQ and TSC 55 REB chainsaws.
  • Systematic solution for working with fiber cement materials.

You can’t make a list of the best chainsaws and leave Festool out. The company has a long history of producing high-quality and functional band saws. One of its best products is the Festool 575389 immersion belt, which stands out for its great utility and versatility.

The Festool diamond blade cuts all drywall and concrete panels quickly and with high cutting performance. It is the ideal solution for precise and efficient work combined with the Festool TS 55 R and TSC 55 circular saws.

Festool 160 x 20mm blades suitable for TS55 depth saw, all with 2.2mm cut. There are a variety of sheets available; General purpose 28 tooth “Panther” saw blade for faster cutting with less force when breaking 12 tooth materials, thin cuts, 48 tooth laminates and polymers, thin cuts, veneered and coated boards, wood solid, 48 tooth MDF teeth, 2.2 notches and fine cuts, 52 tooth aluminum profiles, and panels, hard and fiber-reinforced plastics.


  • Ideal solution for precise and efficient work
  • High-quality and functional saw blade
  • Perfect for cutting through fiber cement materials.


  • Can only be used on TS 55 R and TSC 55 circular saws.

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Basic Blade Types

There are four (4)common styles of blades, identified by the outline or grinding of the teeth. These are Triple Chip Grind (TCG), Alternate Top Bevel (ATB), Flat Top Grind (FTG), and Combination (ATBR).

Flat Top Grind

The Flat Top Grindblades possess teeth with top edges perpendicular to the saw plate. These teeth cut through the planks like a chisel by cutting the ends with a notch. They cut quickly and are tough but don’t yield a clean exterior. They are designed to break, and cut with fibers.

Alternate Top Bevel

The teeth of the ATB blades are slanted along the top edge, and the other teeth “slant” in the opposite direction. The tooth shape allows the wood fibers to be cleaned with a cutting motion. The sharper the bevel outlook, the sharper the cut teeth, the faster they become dull. Almost all 40-tooth alternate top bevel blades are sold as “universal” blades.


The ATBR blades comprise of 50-teeth organized in five groups, with 4alternate top bevel teeth followed by an angled tooth (hence the name ATBR). ATB teeth are designed to cut cleanly, while angled teeth help in breaking. Combination sheets are also considered “universal” sheets.

Triple Chip Grind

The teeth of a TCG blade alternate between a chamfered tooth and a raker tooth. The chamfered tooth makes the cut rough, while the next FTG tooth cleans it. This tooth configuration is designed to cut dense materials:

  • Plastic laminates
  • Solid surface materials such as Corian
  • Non-ferrous metals such as brass and aluminum

The sharp ATB teeth would quickly loosen this material.

Buyer's Guide For The Best Saw Blade For Vinyl Plank Flooring

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Saw Blade For Vinyl Plank Flooring

As a general rule, knowing a little more about a particular product that you intend to buy is essential. Indeed, if you have prior knowledge in the field, you will be able to get the perfect supplement for your needs.

Here are some of the necessary info to know before buying vinyl flooring. Once you possess the knowledge, you will find them helpful in purchasing such floors. Let’s start with each of the sections below.

Consider The Anatomy Of The Blade

Expansion slots, gullets, blades, and kerf are included in the anatomy of the plank you purchase for vinyl flooring. We all know it’s not just vinyl flooring that you need to consider when shopping. This is also the blade you will use to cut it into perfect pieces for the floor.

That is why you have to consider the anatomy of the blade to know how it works. It will also allow you to manage it professionally and avoid any mistakes while using it. Ask the seller to explain more about these parts before finalizing the purchase.

Select The Correct Blade Style

When looking for the best vinyl floor saw blade, make sure you choose the right blade. It is impossible to buy all types of vinyl flooring with the same tile. Some planks perform poorly on laminate vinyl floors, while they are excellent. This is why it is essential to buy the correct type of blade.

In addition to the type of saw blade, your style is also essential. Nearby you will find plywood panels, combination panels, multi-purpose steel sheets, and cutting blades. Before selecting your blade, please share the vinyl floor specifications and requirements with the seller. It will guide you further with instructions on choosing the right blade for your needs.

Choose The Type Of Vinyl Flooring Carefully

When buying vinyl flooring, you should know many different types. Some are laminate flooring, while others are wood. Of course, you can choose the one you like the most. However, it is best to seek the advice of a professional who can explain what is best for each aspect of ​​your home or office.

Not all vinyl laminate flooring works well in all environments. The same goes for the type of hardwood. But if you know how to pick one from an expert guide, you’ll end up buying the right one.

Consider Longevity

It would be best to understand that saw blades are made of many materials. Of all these materials, hard metal is ideal. Therefore, choosing a suitable material for the saw blade is necessary. This will ensure that the saw blade lasts longer. Carbide offers a lifespan of 30% longer than any other material. Also, this material does not require frequent reconditioning due to material wear. Even if you have to change it, it won’t cost more than $10.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of saw blade is best suited for cutting vinyl flooring?

The carbide-tipped saw blade is ideal for cutting vinyl flooring. These blades cut pieces without doing too much damage. Plus, they can cut up to 500 square meters of vinyl without the need for continuous sharpening. The saw blade should have 80 to 100 fine teeth on the cutting side. These characters together make the best saw blade for cutting vinyl plank flooring.

What type of blade is best to use when cutting vinyl flooring on a 4 1/2″blade/ 2-inch?

It is best to use different types of saw blades to cut vinyl flooring with a 4 ½ inch / 2-inch blade. Most of the time, professionals use the best circular saw blade for vinyl flooring. This is because the edge, the material, and the number of teeth of the blade are ideal for this purpose. You can try a few of them by visiting the nearby market. We are confident that this practice will help you choose the best that suits your needs.

What should not be used on vinyl flooring?

People discover the best vinyl floor saw, but forget about other things to consider. Just as we cannot use any saw to cut vinyl, we cannot use any detergent to clean it. It should not be abrasive or rubbed and polished. Also, don’t mistake using paste wax and other varnishes that may contain strong solvents. Above all, materials of ammonia origin should not be used when cleaning. They can severely tear the vinyl after the material is destroyed.

Which saw cuts vinyl?

We know that vinyl can be cut like wood. Unlike the regular saw, we use a PVC blade saw for this specific material. It is circular and possesses a very sharp and fine-tooth inside. It is known as the preferred saw for cutting vinyl because it has carbide tips which make cutting vinyl easy and efficient.

What’s the best way to cut vinyl flooring?

In general, there are three methods for cutting vinyl flooring. One is to measure the cut, which is the easiest. Next are the scratches and cracks of the small pieces. The last or third way to cut vinyl is to cut it correctly with a unique vinyl flooring plank. These are all the best ways to cut it. Everything you need to make sure you choose to use is right for you.

What Is The best jigsaw blade for vinyl plank flooring?

A jigsaw blade is a saw blade with teeth that are set at an angle of approximately 10 degrees to the edge of the blade. Blades with a greater degree of angle are called “radial saw blades”.

A jigsaw blade is a tool used in metal, wood, and plastic cutting. It has teeth that are set at an angle of approximately 10 degrees to the edge of the blade. A jigsaw is not just used for cutting but also for sculpting and engraving because it can cut curves and intricately detailed designs into materials.


Based on the information provided in the previous sections, we are confident that now you can choose the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring. This is mainly because you are now very familiar with the features of some of the most popular products in this industry right now.

It is also essential to have the buying guide that we shared with you in the previous section. It would be ideal if you also had answered some of the most frequently asked questions that come to every shopper’s mind. All in all, this info will help you buy the best blade to cut vinyl flooring.

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