Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn of 2022

Owning a reliable sprinkler that effectively irrigates every part of the garden is an instrument for a healthy lawn and garden. Today, we’ve tested a few of the top models to see which one lives up to its reputation. Some best sprinkler for long narrow lawns is a hose to cross the lawn to reach every nook and bend, while others can be programmed to wander around the yard watering the lawn while you are busy with other activities.

For motionless comfort, an underground irrigation system with an irrigation pump can be operated with a timer and will water all garden sections. We have researched various sprinklers, and the following models came out on top.

Read on to understand better what types of sprinklers for long narrow areas can help you meet your garden’s watering needs and how each of the following sprinkler narrow strips performed in our hands-on tests.

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1. Rain-Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head

Rain Bird Rotor Heads 5000 Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Get a sprinkler that gives you more control over your long, narrow lawn, like the Rain Bird 500 Series Rotary Sprayer. This is a two-head sprayer set with a 4-inch pull-down head. With this sprinkler for long narrow areas installed in your yard, you can be guaranteed that your entire lawn will be moist and watered every day.

It can cover up to 50 feet while maintaining a 40-degree range, perfect for long, narrow landscapes. Once mounted, you can make required modifications, such as water pressure and radius, using its sliding clutch mechanism.

This sprinkler features a multi-functional pressure-activated cleaning seal that ensures the retractable head easily retracts every time it is turned on, ensuring no leaks or water leaks when it is off.

For added durability, it comes complete with O-rings and gaskets and an extra guard to protect the sprinkler for narrow areas from the hard water commonly used in lawn irrigation systems.

Unique Specification

  • 2 x 4 pop-up sprinklers.
  • The range is 50 feet.
  • Eight low angle nozzles
  • Eight standards angled nozzles.
  • It contains outstanding quality.
  • Radius adjustment screw.
  • Easy to install
  • A reinforced flow path for increased resistance to side loads.
  • The sturdy retractable spring ensures positive development.
  • Adjusting the upper fixing spring only requires a screwdriver
  • The radius adjustment screw allows a radius reduction of up to 25% without changing the nozzles.
  • Extra O-rings and seals for additional protection in “sandy” water.


  • Comes in a sturdy carrying case and rings.
  • Very economical with water
  • The spray is delivered under high pressure
  • Provides more significant drops that limit waste and fog


  • It might not be fully functional for small yards

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2. Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

With a maximum coverage area of ​​up to 4,500 square feet, this oscillating sprinkler we have chosen to include is the perfect choice for anyone with a larger lawn area when watering.

However, it doesn’t discriminate even the smallest size, as the dual-press controls allow you to adjust the width and extent of the sprinkler irrigation coverage. You can still use it for a smaller lawn without wasting water, making it a versatile piece.

There are features such as the Infinity Turbo drive motor that provides smoother operation to extend the life of this product and ensure even coverage throughout the garden.

You can guarantee that using this product will save you hours of manually watering your lawn. Still, the process is straightforward, with a quick connector included with the sprinkler, allowing you to connect and disconnect easily.

Unique Specification

  • Twenty precision nozzles ensure full coverage of big yards or gardens up to 4,500 square meters. Legs.
  • Dual-touch controls to modify the width and extent of the irrigation array to reach the whole garden or a constricted flower cot.
  • Infinite Turbo Boost provides smooth operation for even watering and long life.
  • Melnor backs them with a limited lifetime.
  • Turbo engine for increased durability
  • Patented one-touch adjustable width


  • Easy to set up and control
  • Stable and allows full irrigation.
  • Easy to adjust, and you don’t have to worry about wasting water.


  • Sprinkler’s lifespan can be an issue

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3. Gardena 1975Aquazoom3900-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler

GARDENA 1975-U AquaZoom-3800 Fully Adjustable Oscillating Sprinkler

The Gardena sprinkler can be termed as a first-class vacillating sprinkler for irrigating small spaces, as it has a solid head with numerous rows of outlets.

The Oscillating Sprinkler has fully adjustable controls for width, length, and water flow for 76 to 2300 square meters. The coverage is ideal for small patios, gardens, and flower beds, without wasting excessive spray.

The oscillating sprinkler is equipped with 16 neoprene nozzles for uniform water circulation. Plus, it has an 11-inch width round bobsleigh base that provides a sturdy watering base. The settings allow you to set the range between 10 and 60 feet and the width between 10 and 40 feet.

Finally, the Oscillating Grass Sprinkler features a sealed turbo drive unit that protects the sprinkler’s moving parts from debris, ensuring even water distribution.

Unique Specification

  • Sprinkler to irrigate rectangular surfaces of different sizes.
  • Adjustable spray width from 13 to 55 feet.
  • Spray length is adjustable from 23 to 69 feet
  • It offers coverage from 301.4 to 3767.4 Sq.


  • The width and extent of the coverage area and the amount of water flow are easy to adjust.
  • Performs well at low pressure.
  • It has a comprehensive and sturdy sled base.
  • Easy to set up and use
  • sprinkler for narrow spaces


  • Very expensive
  • Sprinkler coverage is square/rectangular, which may limit those with an irregularly shaped landscape.

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4. FORTIVO Lawn Garden Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler Garden Sprinkler

The FORTIVO lawn sprinkler is making waves now, and a closer look reveals why. It is highly adjustable, making it ideal for extensive coverage of any corner of the lawn or garden. Moreover, it is straightforward to use, and you will have fun working on it.

Why do we like it?

First of all, it offers fantastic coverage with its 30ft reach and is well supported with the necessary adjustments. FORTIVO includes metal fittings, which provide excellent stability and prevent tipping due to water pressure.

It is a multifunctional model, which ensures that it is suitable for various tasks. You can water your lawn, garden, or land, or even use it as an irrigation system by connecting the sprinkler in series. Therefore, it is compatible with standard threaded tubes, making it convenient to use.

The sprayer has three adjustable arms that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and you can change the spray pattern to suit your needs. Choose between a 90 degree or 45-degree spray for compact or comprehensive irrigation. Also, the installation does not take long and is suitable for users of all ages.

What could be better?

The unit has some issues, and the connections may not be secure. It is not easy to screw the hose into the socket because the sprayer is challenging to use. Also, you may find that you can’t screw the hose in past halfway, causing a leak.

Unique Specification

  • Wide Coverage, No Dry Spots – The heavy-duty Fortivo lawn sprinkler lets you water plants from up to 30 feet of coverage. Unlike other brands, this leak-free sprinkler leaves no dry spots so that you can water your plants without any problems. The 2021 updated model has metal fittings at the bottom, which give the sprinkler more stability and never flips
  • Multifunctional and efficient – The garden or patio irrigation system can be used to water outdoor lawns, patios, fields, and lawns, as an irrigation system, garden sprinklers, and children’s sprinklers. It is also possible to connect the irrigation system to several units to cover a larger area.
  • US Compatible Hose Fittings and Spray Patterns – The garden sprayer is compatible with threaded hoses (99% of US hoses). The 3-hole adjustable arm sprayer can be rotated 360 degrees to change spray patterns according to your needs. Spray angles can be configured to 90 degrees for more compact irrigation or 45 degrees for larger areas
  • Easy 3-Step Installation – Quick connect garden water hose adapter makes installation super-fast. You can also connect it to a stopwatch box to start automatically according to your watering schedule. 
  • 100% Satisfaction and Manufacturer’s Guarantee; Satisfaction guaranteed or money back and a one-year free replacement warranty.


  • Adjustable arm
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Easy installation
  • Fast and efficient
  • Variable spray angle


  • Leaking
  • Difficulty screwing the pipe and the cap

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5. orbit 62100 yard activated sprinkler

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

If you love gardening and want to buy a well-designed lawn and garden sprayer for everyday use, this Orbit three-in-one rainbow port is one of the best around.

It’s durable, has a powerful irrigation system ideal for watering extensive gardens and lawns, and has a universal tap that connects to most standard-sized garden hoses.

Port-A-Rain 3-Piece Lawn & Garden Orbit 58092N is a portable irrigation system with 2 x 15-foot-long garden lines, five exchangeable nozzles, and 3 Port-A-Rain sprinklers. Each water spray head is spread over an area up to 24 feet in length, allowing for thorough and even coverage of the entire lawn. With easy connection to any standard garden hose, the Orbit 58092N Port-A-Rain Tandem System adapts to any garden setup.

It can be attached and connected to any standard garden hose, and each sprinkler covers an area up to approximately 24 feet. It is entirely portable and also offers a raindrop.

Unique Specificati

  • Ideal for large lawns
  • Connects to any standard garden hose
  • Completely portable; Rain-like spray.
  • The water pressure depends on the water pressure in the consumer’s home.
  • Portable Port-A-Rain comes with three full-spray nozzles, each capable of covering 24 feet in diameter.
  • Each spray head is connected to one of two included hoses, each 15 feet long.


  • Ideal for large lawns.
  • It can be attached to any conventional garden hose
  • Fully portable
  • Provides a rain-like spray


  • None

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6. STYDDI Metal Whirling Sprinkler with QuickConnect Adapter

STYDDI Metal Revolving Whirling Sprinkler

STYDDI is dedicated to developing many innovative and efficient pressure washer accessories and garden and lawn irrigation suppliers. Operators improve the comfort and efficiency of spraying and cleaning work with high-pressure cleaners and watering irrigation and irrigation equipment.

They provide various items for cleaning projects, including nozzles, hoses, adapters, swivels, coupling accessories, rods, o-rings, and other accessories related to garden pressure washers.

If you have a garden, you have to water it!

The STYDDI 3-Arm Rotary Sprinkler provides a convenient way to help you feed and keep your lawn lush and green. Unlike the garden hose, this sprinkler saves you time and effort walking around the lawn to ensure all the plants are adequately watered.

A garden irrigation tool that saves time, energy, and water.

Unique Specification

  • This rotating sprinkler is made of durable aluminum alloy for longer life.
  • Features three aluminum alloy arms that provide even water coverage in a 360-degree circular pattern.
  • Its two wheels make it effortless to move from one fountain to another.
  • This swivel sprinkler’s brass inlet connector rotates when attached to a hose, keeping both the sprinkler and the hose sprinkler for a narrow strip flat.
  • There is also a water outlet connector on this daisy wheel sprinkler, allowing you to use two or more sprinklers for narrow areas on a single water source.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, brass, and plastic
  • Connection: 3/4″ GHT and Quick Connect internal thread
  • Standard coverage: full
  • Maximum Pressure (PSI): 100
  • Up to 692 square meters of coverage
  • 42-foot diameter circle pattern (21-foot spray distance)
  • Sprinkler base type: wheelbase


  • It consists of a high-quality aluminum alloy base.
  • It can withstand high water pressure and extreme weather conditions
  • Swivel action ensures even water dispersion up to 2,100 square feet.
  • The rotating sprinkler is incredibly easy to install


  • They only wet a circle about 10 feet around

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Things To Consider In The Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn

If you want a better option for your lawn, our buying guide will likely help you choose one of the best sprinklers for a long narrow lawn. Consider the following features before buying a sprinkler:

Lawn size and shape

Before choosing a sprinkler for your lawn, first, consider the shape and size of its surface. Is it square or rectangular? What is its size? The best sprinkler for narrow strips to use is one that can cover the entire lawn. Buy a sprinkler because you want your yard to have a regular water source. That means getting a spray head that gives your garden maximum coverage.

If you own a long, narrow lawn sprinkler and have chosen a typical sprinkler that works for a square lawn, your sprinkler has outlived its usefulness.

Pop-Up Height

The sprinklers work with a retractable head. The retractable head protrudes when the sprayer is on. From there, water will come for irrigation. It would be best to get a sprinkler with a taller pull-down design for a long, narrow lawn. The higher it jumps, the greater the distance he can reach.

A high pop-up can be 2 to 6 inches tall. Generally, a sprinkler that jumps up to 2 inches has a watering radius of 20 feet. The minimum coverage is 15 feet. If you have a longer swath of lawn, you may want to look for a spray system that can reach up to 4 inches.

Adjustable Spring

Most lawn sprinklers have an adjustable spring that provides 360-degree coverage. This allows the sprinkler to reach a greater distance, making the center of the lawn a strategic place to place it. What if you possess a long, narrow lawn?

Don’t order a 360-degree adjustable spring sprinkler when looking for a sprinkler. Instead, order a sprinkler that offers a 0-360 degree spring. This means you can adjust it to your lawn surface. The flexible spring design will make it easier to position the sprinkler so you can reach even the farthest part of the narrow lawn.


Once installed, your sprinkler will need to withstand outdoor conditions such as extreme heat and extreme cold. With that in mind, be sure to consider the lifespan of your sprinkler and the material it is made of. Stainless steel, brass, or ABS plastic sprinkler would be an excellent choice.

In addition to weather conditions, you also need to consider the irrigation or water source you will use for your sprinkler. A highly durable sprinkler will not only stand the test of time; it must also contain pressurized water.

Sprinklers are designed to make lawn maintenance more manageable, especially if you have a long, narrow lawn.

Spray diameter

You also need to consider the spray diameter of the sprinkler. Several sprinklers use rain curtain nozzle technology. Therefore, it could water the lawn evenly.

Water pressure

Some of the best sprinklers for Water pressure work well when the water pressure is high. It is essential to consider whether the device you are purchasing will work well under the water pressure you are receiving from its source. So, when shopping, consider a low-pressure sprinkler if your water source is less than 100 psi.

In some sprinklers, flow and pattern are determined by water pressure. These sprinklers usually don’t have many controls. So make sure that the sprinkler you choose works efficiently with the range of water pressure you are dealing with in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Sprinklers For Small Areas

How do I water a long, the best sprinkler for the long narrow strip?

Adjusting the sprinkler between 40 and 360 degrees will help water a long, sprinkler for a long, narrow strip. If you have a narrow lawn, you can adjust the best sprinkler head for a narrow strip between 40 and 60 degrees.

Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn

How deep should a sprinkler be buried?

You should understand the depth requirements of the sprinkler by following a basic set of instructions. You can dig 8 to 12 inches to attach the sprinkler in most places. This measurement will start from the top of the tube to the surface.

What should be the average distance between two sprinklers?

The distance between the two narrow sprinklers depends on the size of the lawn. 

The minimum separation between two sprinklers should be at least six feet. The minimum distance from walls should be more than four inches.

What is the standard pipe size for a sprinkler system?

The standard pipe size for an irrigation system is ½ to 2 inches in diameter (½ to 2 inches).

Which method would increase the water pressure?

It is possible to increase the water pressure inside the pipe by using a smaller diameter pipe.

What is the average spray pressure value?

An average psi value for sprinklers in operation is between 30 and 50 pounds per square inch (PSI).

How long should I water my lawn?

You should water the lawn for thirty minutes three times a week. But the need for water can change on hot summer days.


Finding the sprinkler for long narrow lawns is a daunting task in a market of over a dozen brands. But the right choice can be worth the purchase, so if you’re passionate about your lawn but have enough time to spend on proper maintenance.

So get your hands on an ideal sprinkler to water the lawn more efficiently. Choosing the best product from a range of products is always tricky. But there’s nothing to worry about with the best sprinkler for narrow lawns.

Because we have already selected a list of the best product for you, this way, you can get the perfect irrigation tool in no time. We hope you found this review helpful. Now you can obtain the best sprinklers for your small, medium, and narrow gardens in one list.

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