Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade of 2022

An old story about a woodcutter who complained that he was not compensated as much as his co-workers, although he worked twice as much as they did. It’s because he failed to recall sharpening his ax.

This can also be said for lawnmowers – if they have a beveled edge, they will cause a prolonged duration of time required to carry out a task. You always want to ensure your blade is as high-pitched as possible, so you should invest in the best file for sharpening mower blades. Check out these reviews to discover the best file for sharpening lawn mower blades in the market today. So you don’t get to be like the woodcutter who had to double his effort for a small task.

Top 6 Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade Reviews

1.Rexbeti16pcs Premium Alloy Steel File Set

REXBETI 25Pcs Metal File Set

If you are looking for a high-quality file set offering a variety of bulk files and needle files, the Rexbeti 16-piece file set is for you. This durable set includes four large files: flat/triangular/half round and 12 files with precision needles. All 16 pieces are made from forged and tempered alloy steel for strength and durability.

Each file has a long, smooth handle for comfortable handling and minimal user fatigue. The files are packaged in a sturdy, compact case, each in place to prevent it from shifting and scratching. These quality files are ideal for use at home, in the garage, in the workshop, or on the job.

Product Specification

  • The 16 pieces of lawn mower blade file are made from forged T12 alloy steel; the durable teeth are deep milled, hardened, and coated for long-lasting cutting and filing performance.
  • The 16-piece file set includes four large files: flat/triangular/half-round files and 12 precision needle files
  • All files are packaged in a compact and sturdy case for storage and portability. Each tool adapts perfectly to this position to avoid movements and scratches.
  • Long Soft Grip – Long rubberized grip to give you a comfortable grip that will give you hours of use
  • Buy with Confidence – The handy tool bag with a wide range of files will allow you to finish and enjoy woodworking efficiently.


  • High-quality T-12 forged alloy steel coils for strength and performance.
  • All files have a rubber grip for convenient file management.
  • The set contains 16 files of different sizes and shapes for use on other surfaces.


  • We have not received any negative issues at the time of the investigation.

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2.Sharpal181N Dual Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone Files

Sharpal181N Dual Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone Files

Sharpal181N dual grit diamond sharpening stone files a multifunctional blade sharpener that can refine practically any hard material. Made with a stainless steel base covered with industrial monocrystalline diamonds, it is one of the fastest and longest-lasting sharpening files.

This is a dual grit sharpener with a coarse 325 grit best on quick sharpening blades that are rough, dull, damaged, and blunt. Additional fine 1200 grit refines fine surfaces and creates different fine edges. The leather case is made of genuine cowhide leather and can also be used as a handle for polishing sharp edges.

This double grit file weighs 0.16 kg and is available in two colors, orange, and silver. Measuring 12.17 by 5.71 by 0.67 inches, the Sharpal Double Grit Diamond Sharpening File has proven to be among the highest quality files. In addition to sharpening mower blades, this file can also be used to sharpen:

  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Machete
  • Titanium
  • Drill chisels
  • and most super hard materials.

The manufacturer has designed the leather cover to be comfortable the first few times in use to prevent it from loosening too much during the first few uses of the file. The leather case may become too loose due to polishing with hard diamonds.


  • Fast, Durable – Industrial monocrystalline diamonds are electroplated on a stainless steel base. Sharp up to 5 times faster than oil stone, water stone
  • Multifunction sharpener – sharpen and polish All hard materials including knives, axes, hatchets, machetes, lawnmowers, shovels, drills, shears, chisels, carbide, high-speed steel, titanium, ceramic, and most super hard materials, etc. . Dry sharpening. No oil or water is needed.
  • Dual Grit – 325 coarse grit (45 microns) for quick sharpening of dull and damaged blades or restoring a new edge; Extra fine grit 1200 (9 microns) for polishing
  • The Genuine cowhide leather cover can act as a leather strap that puts a glossy finish on the edges to make it appear neat; the Removable 6.6ft / 2m bumper wraps around the handle for survival tasks.
  • 3 Years Superior Warranty And After-Sales Service -Sharpal headquarters in California, USA, with overseas subsidiaries in Germany and Australia, aiming to serve consumers easily and cost-effectively to gain a competitive advantage. Manufactured and field-tested to the highest standards.


  • Long-lasting and durable sharpening file.
  • They are made of monocrystalline industrial steel coated with diamonds.
  • It is a double grit file suitable for rough and fine surfaces.
  • A multifunctional folder indicator.
  • Comes with a long-term warranty.


  • The waterproof leather case normalizes after a period of use.

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3.Basecent20pcs Premium File Tool Set With Carrying Case

Basecent20pcs Premium File Tool Set With Carrying Case


The BASEMENT manual file set includes 20 pieces. There are four large files, two multi-function brushes, and 14 mini needles.

The brushes are perfect for brushing and filing materials such as plastic, wood, metal, glass, leather, and ceramics. Unusually, it is made of alloy steel. The steel blades are strong. On the other hand, it has solid and comfortable handles.

The handle is plastic and rubber. This guarantees comfortable working hours. Plus, it’s comfortable to hold. Next is a portable tool bag to protect and organize large files and mini files. The handle placed at the top makes it comfortable and pleasant to carry. Finally, it is guaranteed for life.


  • Set of 20 metal files: there are four large files (flat/square files, round/mouse tail files, semi-circular files, and triangular files), 14 small needle files, and two multi-function brushes for brushing and filing materials such as plastic, glass, metal, wood, leather, and ceramic.
  • Premium Forged Alloy Steel – All file blades are forged from high carbon T12 steel, containing 1.15-1.24% carbon. This implies that this material is more robust than conventional files.
  • Comfortable and suitable handles – The handle is constructed with plastic and rubber, comfortable for work hours, and comfortable enough to hold the file blade.
  • Portable Tool Bag: This hand file set comes with a tool bag to help you organize and protect small and large files. The handle on the top of the tool bag makes it more comfortable and convenient to carry anywhere.
  • Warranty – The Basecentmetal and Wood grit offers a 100% warranty if you are not gratified by the invention, you can get a money-back assurance.


  • A series of high-quality sharpening files.
  • The file set is inexpensive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable files with efficient performance.
  • Comes with an added multifunctional brush to use as a brush and filing tool.
  • Its soft rubber grips provide comfort when handling the file.


  • The file set is rarely available.

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4. Amtech E2556 Diamond Sharpening File

Amtech E2556 Diamond Sharpening File

The Amtech Diamond Sharpener is a sleek, lightweight two-sided sharpener. It weighs about 140 grams and measures about 10″.

It is a high-quality Industrial Diamond metal file, making it more durable.

The Amtech E2556 diamond sharpening file has two sides, 240 degrees, and the other 400 degrees, for use on curved and flat surfaces. One side of the grit is flat, and the other is semi-circular to maximize the smoothness of the blade and perfect clarity. The file has a soft rubber handle that provides a soft and comfortable grip when handling the file.

Amtech stands out as one of the best files for sharpening lawn mower blades available on the market to sharpen lawn mower blades with files, knives, machetes, and hardened metal blades. For easy storage, the file sharpener has a small hole in the handle to hang it from a hook or a nail to hang on the wall. The file is easy to use and requires no experience.


  • Double-Sided Blade – The conical blade of this diamond file is flat on one side and semi-circular on the other and has 2 degrees of grit: 240 on the curved side and 400 on the flat side.
  • Versatile – With a soft, comfortable handle, it’s ideal for sharpening a wide range of items such as scissors, knives, and garden tools.
  • The diamond file is essentially two degrees, 240 (curved side) and 400 (flat side).
  • It has a soft and comfortable handle for easy handling, especially when used as a garden tool sharpener.
  • The approximate size of the knife sharpener is 10” (250mm).


  • Straightforward to use the file.
  • A file constructed with a high-quality industrial diamond makes the file durable.
  • Fits a soft rubber handle for a comfortable grip.
  • It is durable.


  • The file is rarely available.
  • It was a bit expensive.

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5.Corona FE405510BC1CD Mill Cut File

Corona FE405506BC0CD Mill Bastard Cut File

The Corona FE405510BC21CD Mill Bastard Cut File is another worthy choice to consider. This is a 6-inch tough carbon steel file with an overall dimension of 8.25 inches. This device is intended for metalworking only and does not come with a handle while working—ideal for deburring and refining with single-cut surface edges.

The file is not as sturdy as our other listed options. It can break easily, and its teeth tend to lose their sharpness quickly. There is also no safety margin. This option weighs 0.01 ounces and has a medium to heavy finish. Unfortunately, it takes longer to get a smooth or smooth edge. Additionally, you will find that it oxidizes quickly if it comes in contact with moisture.

In general, this is our least preferred alternative for a metal file.


  • Quality Hardness – carbon that has undergone intense heat steel treatment to enhance its strength, flow resistance (elasticity), and rigidity
  • Corrosion and Abrasion resistance – Added chromium to increase abrasion and rust resistance
  • First-rate cutting result: an efficient tooth angle and clear-cut tooth formation
  • Constant quality: more than 100 checks are carried out on raw materials, products in progress, and finished products
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • This is a high-performance, very sharp, and durable file.
  • Made of high-quality carbon metal.
  • It is durable.
  • The battery is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.
  • It has a soft handle for a better grip.


  • Not effective if you want super thin edges.

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6. DMT FSKF DiaFoldFile

Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) FSKF DiaFold File

This is an easy and portable sharpening file. This high-quality file is made of the highest quality diamond metal. Its durable polycarbonate plies can be folded up, enveloping and protecting the diamond sharpener when not in use. It has stainless steel hinge pins to ensure smooth opening and durability when closed.

It has 4″ tapered cones ranging from 1/4″ to 1/16″ in diameter for sharpening straight edge knives or sharp teeth. With your fine diamond file, you can also use this grit to get sharp edges. These are all the best lawn mower blade sharpening tools that work on the edges of any material.

The Diamond Machine Technology sharpener weighs 0.64 ounces and measures approximately 9.5 x 5 x 3.25 inches. It is reliable, sturdy, and can offer consistent performance for years. This grit sharpens knives faster than any other conventional sharpening stone—no need for water or oils to sharpen. Diamond Machine technology is one of the finest storage tools produced in the United States, making it affordable and valuable for home, commercial, or recreational use.


  • Wet Diamond Stone – This precision diamond stone is guaranteed not to chip or break and provides consistent, precise sharpening every time, and houses various cutting edges.
  • Fine diamond abrasive surface – quickly restore edges with this refined diamond abrasive plate (25 microns / 600 mesh); the diamond plate has non-slip rubber feet, with the grain clearly marked on the side.
  • Versatile – Ideal for long and short knives, this 8-inch diamond sharpener is ideal for quickly repairing and sharpening sharp edges in small contact areas and sharp tools
  • Faster blade sharpening file – ultra-hard micronized diamond surface sharpens edges faster and easier than conventional sharpening stones; You don’t even need dirty oils: sharpen the polishing board dry or with water.
  • Made in the USA – Preferred by professionals for their superior quality and versatility, the durable diamond sharpening stones are designed to provide years of consistent performance and reliable service.
  • Portable, lightweight, with comfortable folding handles that wrap around and protect the diamond tooth sharpener when not in use
  • Fine diamond for a sharp edge.
  • Sharpen knives faster than traditional stones with DMT’s monocrystalline diamond surface.
  • No oil required: sharpen wet or dry
  • Durable construction will offer years of consistent performance and reliable service


  • It is foldable for portability.
  • DMT and thin cells are durable.
  • Sharpen faster than stones.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • A high-quality diamond metal file.
  • Its stainless steel hinges ensure smooth openings.


  • Quite expensive.

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How To Choose The Best File For Lawn Mower Blades

A metal file is an element that deserves to be present for many projects and jobs. The trick is to find the one that will get the most out of it or the set that ensures the project is done efficiently. We’ve looked at some of our favorite options above, but we still want to give you a few more tips on what to look for in a quality file.

When it comes to finding a suitable metal file, there are a few things to consider when making your purchase. Check out the tips below to get the most out of your investment!


Material counts in two ways. First, make sure your file is hardened carbon steel to last long. Second, you also need to consider the type of material you will need to file. For example, metal may need to be filed regularly, but sometimes you’ll need something that works with plastic or glass.


Metal files come in many varieties of shapes. They can be round, square, pointed, semi-circular, and more. The objector project you are working on will determine the shape you need.


Size is just as critical as shape. If you work with jewelry regularly, you’ll need files much smaller than a plumber’s metal files. The size will also determine the weight, making a difference in ease of use and comfort.


Speaking of comfort, you want to select an option that has a comfortable handle or fits the handle of your choice. Not all files are distributed with a handle, as they can be swapped with others if multiple files are used.

Margin of safety

This aspect is essential for many projects. It is the smooth, flat part of a flat-file. This is important if you work on a surface adjacent to an untouchable surface. It protects the surface you don’t want to file on.


The teeth are probably an essential aspect of your file. There are different types of teeth depending on your needs; also, keep in mind that the bigger the file, the lesser teeth it will have. This implies that the more prolonged it is, the more coarse it will be. Let’s dive deeper into the teeth and cuts below.

How to Choose the Best File For Lawn Mower Blades

Essential Things to Distinguish About Metal File Cuts And Teeth

The larger the file, the lesser teeth per inch it possesses, which will affect a coarser cut. The fineness of the teeth is called the cut of the file. The cut is classified according to the American standard or the Swiss standard.

For this article, however, we’ll be looking at the six most popular cuts of both classes:

  • Middle
  • Rough
  • Bastard
  • Second cut
  • Dead smooth
  • Smooth

Keep in mind that these files vary from thick to soft, but their length also plays a role. For example, an 8-inch file will be rougher than an average 6-inch cut file.

Files also come in a double or single cut. A solo cut possesses a single row of teeth equivalent to each other, while a dual cut has an extra set of teeth that intersect with a single set. You will find that many files have a single cut on one side and a double cut on the other side.

Unique cuts are also available for specific jobs. Here are some examples of popular specialty teeth:

  • Vixen Cut: Vixen files are ideal for the autobody. They have curved, shaped teeth that run straight down the face of the file.
  • Shear Cut: It possesses a single cut that intersects serrated teeth. They can be used to roughen the surface and smooth it simultaneously.
  • Maxi-Sharp Cut – This file has unique teeth that taper at the tip. Many people like this file because it can be used differently depending on how much pressure you use.

There are many other types of cut files. Combine it with different shapes and sizes; there is a metal file for almost any project you may have.

How To Sharpen A Lawnmower With A File

Professional landscapers and gardeners will tell you that the best tool for sharpening your mower blade is a file. It offers smooth, sharp edges, perfect for cutting and leveling bushes and grass. Here is a simple guide on how to sharpen a reel mower with a file.

First, disconnect the spark plug wire from the damper to prevent accidental engine starting or electric shock when removing the blade. To prevent gasoline and oil from entering the air filter and carburetor, turn the mower to one side with the carburetor and air filter up. When oil enters the air filter, the mower produces a cloud of smoke when the engine starts.

After placing the machine on its side, remove the blade to be sharpened by loosening the screw/nut that secures the blade. Turn screw and blade counterclockwise until removed. Return the knife to the cutting position after removing the blade until sharpening is complete.

Hold the blade firmly and start sharpening the edge with a high-quality file sharpener, file in the direction of the original cutting angle. File until the blade is sharp. Always remember to sharpen blades on top of the cutting edge. Sharpening both sides of the blade reduces blade life.

Balance it with a recommended blade balancer once you have finished sharpening the blade. Unbalanced blades often cause unwanted vibrations and can damage the mower’s motor. Replace the blade and firmly tighten the screw on the cutter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of file do you use to sharpen a lawnmower?

We use a large Mill Bastard flat file to sharpen the mower blades. This file is one of the best file for sharpening lawn mower blades available on the market. This is a high-performance, durable, heavy-duty file made of high-quality carbon metal. The file is sturdy and maintains consistent performance throughout.

The file is quite long, measuring 10″. Another reason we use this file is the lifetime warranty. We recommend using it to sharpen lawnmowers. Always remember to balance lawnmowers.

Do you sharpen both sides of a lawnmower blade?

Although sharpening both sides of the mower blade is not harmful, it shortens the life of the blades. Therefore, it is recommended to sharpen the blade from the side.

How to sharpen a mulching lawnmower with a file?

Sharpening a mulch lawn mower follows the same procedure as sharpening a regular lawnmower with a file. The only difference is that a chipper blade has curved/curved edges. Just pick up the file and refine the blades until they are smooth and sharp. A tapered file permits you to refine edges that a big flat grit cannot.

How often should lawn mowers be sharpened?

The sharpness of lawnmowers depends on how often the blades are used for mowing. The most commonly used blades tend to dull and become unbalanced faster than those that cut occasionally. However, it is recommended to sharpen the cutter blade after 30 hours of use.


If you’re looking for a long-lasting file that consistently delivers a smooth, refined edge to your lawnmower, the Corona FE405510BC1CD Mill Bastard Cut File is a preferred option. The file is abrasion and corrosion-resistant, thanks to the chrome used.

In terms of functionality, the premium 20-piece file toolkit is the best. A complete set includes 20 sharpening files in different shapes and sizes. This set also includes one to use as a brush and even a file sharpener. A complete set of these premium files will provide a lifetime archival and clarifying experience.

We recommend choosing the Diamond Machine Technology file sharpener if you want a lightweight and portable pencil sharpener. It is foldable and durable.

Given this, the solution is to sharpen the blade, so how do you do that? It’s easy. All you need is an ideal file to sharpen the blade. Because there are so many file types on the market, choosing one can be daunting. That’s why we carried out comprehensive research to find six of the best files for sharpening lawnmowers.

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