Best Dual Fuel Generator For House With Buying Guide (2022)

When it comes to getting power when you are in an outdoor environment, it is hard to beat the reliability and versatility of a dual fuel generator. These generators run on either propane or gasoline and can power virtually everything including heating systems and home appliances. Also, if you are into camping or just strolling around, having the best dual fuel generator for your house allows you to have fun outdoor without having to give up on many modern amenities.

However, choosing the best dual fuel portable generator for your needs can be a challenging task since there are many options on the market. Some of which are specialized while others can be used in a variety of places. In this review of the best dual fuel inverter generator for home, our top consideration was to check on the running wattage on both propane and gasoline generators.

We also looked at the number of outlets when comparing the generators. After hours of comparing, we came up with a list of 7 generators. But before we review them, let’s define what a dual fuel generator is and how you can choose the right one.

Top 7 Best Dual Fuel Generator For House of 2022

With these two factors in mind, let’s now review the top 7 best dual fuel inverter generators for houses.

1. Westinghouse iGen2200 Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen2200 Inverter Generator

Whether you are looking for an inverter generator as a cover during a blackout or to use during camping, the iGen2200 is portable, easy to use, and very quiet. Weighing just 46 pounds, it’s lightweight for easy transportation. Besides, the model is much smaller than traditional generators and should save space in your storage.

It uses plug-and-play functionality and has built-in USB outlets for ease of use. The 120V outlets provide 20 amps of power, which should be enough for multiple gadgets and appliances. To prevent overloads, this iGen2200 comes with a conveniently placed circuit breaker to avoid damaging the motor.

What makes this generator stand out from the rest is how quiet it operates. At 50% load, it runs at 52 dB, which is quieter than a loud conversation at home. This makes it an ideal option for those who need to use a generator in a place where noise can be an issue.

The Westinghouse iGen2200 is designed to conserve even more fuel. It has a fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons, which is enough to run for 12 hours at 25% load. This inverter generator peaks at 2200 watts, making it an excellent tool for those who need more starting power.

This machine comes with an easy-to-use control panel with large display fonts that allow you to navigate its features effortlessly. The power knob has three settings, including off, choke, and run, to enable you to distinguish settings more easily.


  • It’s the portable Noise level is low Saves on fuel


  • A fuel gauge would keep the user in the know of fuel needs

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2. Champion 3500 RV Ready Generator

Champion 3500 RV Ready Generator

A high-capacity and robust generator like the Champion 3500 generator functions well as a home backup for recreational use. This dual-fuel generator can offer great backup in case of power outages and is compatible with RVs. It has gained popularity recently, due to its convenient features and a lower price compared to similar units.

At a glance, the Champion 3500 is a candy to the eye, featuring a matte yellow top that matches well with the shiny black color. Beyond looks, it has dimensions of 23.2 x 17.5 x 19.6. It is a mid-weight at 63 kilos, meaning it is relatively portable.
The model is powered by a powerful 4-stroke engine that generates a surge output of 4000 watts at peak. On regular use, it runs at 3500 watts, which is enough juice for most household appliances, refrigerators, and gadgets.

With a huge fuel tank of 3.8 gallons, it can run for up to 12 hours uninterrupted at a 50% load. This is such a generous runtime because a full tank allows you to have power from dusk to dawn or even enjoy a full-day event. Additionally, it is a quiet model that will allow you to enjoy your time without any distractions. It has a noise rating of 68 decibels, which is similar to the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

To finish off, the Champion 3500 has been designed with the needs of RV users in mind. It comes with an outlet that lets you connect to your RV and have sufficient power to run the air conditioner and other units. It also features a cold start, in case your engine fails to start in the middle of nowhere.


  • Offers more power RV ready Easy to use control panel


  • Should have had wheels to promote portability

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3.DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-Fuel Generator

DuroMax continues to make top-quality generators that are pocket-friendly. This California-based company doesn’t disappoint when it comes to innovation, durability, and cost per watt. The DuroMax XP12000EH is a dual-fuel generator that won’t let you down during emergencies and is very affordable for the value you get.

This machine offers hybrid fuel capability that allows you to choose between gas and propane, which gives it an advantage over standard gas-powered generators. The dual-fuel source is capable of running up to 20 hours on propane with no gasoline emissions. It is powered by a robust 457cc Duromax OHV engine, which produces a formidable 12000 watts of power.

It is rather heavy at 250 lbs. but don’t worry because the wheels kit allows pushing, which is easy. The handles offer a secure grip, and the Solid-fill tires can work on all manner of terrain without puncture. You don’t have to pull when starting, thanks to the Electric Start that makes the task a breeze.

Other notable features include the user-friendly control panel that has indicator lights to help you monitor fuel levels. Each outlet features an individual circuit breaker for safety. It also comes with a recoil start in
case of battery failure.


  • Built to last It’s versatile with dual-fuel capability It’s portable with durable wheels and handles


  • Although there is a one-year warranty it doesn’t cover labor, so you may have to cover the cost of getting replacements

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4. Jackery Explorer Power Station 240

Jackery Explorer Power Station 240

The Jackery Explorer 240 is an affordable power station that converts solar into energy. It’s perfect for campers as it can provide enough power to charge multiple devices at a go.

It’s a worthy investment for any camper because it has a 50 Watts Portable Solar panel that can easily power a weekend of camping. You get multiple outlets, including 2 USB ports and a variety of 110 AC outlets.

One of its unique selling points is its portability with convenient handles. The Explorer 240 weighs 7 lbs. only, which is incredibly lightweight considering the reliability you get.

The small size means you can easily store it in your house or tent without worrying about space. With the decent size and good power, it could come in handy when you want to run basic electronics in an emergency.

Jackery introduced a unique feature called Pure Sine Wave technology that ensures devices on charge get balanced power. Being a maker of surge protectors and power conditioners, this company introduced this technology to prevent damage to sensitive devices. If you need a pure sine wave generator for your sensitive devices, the Jackery Portable power station 240 could work for you.


  • Affordable price tag Portable & Compact design Converts solar energy into power


  • Not Suited to perform heavy-duty tasks such as electric grills and fans

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5.Generac 7129 GP3000i Inverter Generator

Generac 7129 GP3000i Inverter Generator

Very few generators can compete with the Generac GP3000i when it comes to emitting low noise. Besides, the model produces up to 3000 watts of power enough to power your home. It’s also a good option for campers looking to enhance their experience. The generator is also RV-ready for RV travelers who wish to have a nomad lifestyle.

It uses PowerRush technology, which allows people to get more of the generator. The feature enables the generator to provide power to critical appliances without wasting fuel. As a result, you get 50% more surge capacity when starting. This technology allows you to power appliances requiring up to 26250 watts to start, something most regular inverter generators can’t.

Besides powering small devices through a USB port, the Generac 3000i can supply power to RVs as well. With the help of TruePower technology, the generator supplies sine-wave electricity without spikes. The technology is useful when you want to charge sensitive devices without damaging them.

Some of the unique sockets on this generator include 1-amp and 2.1 amp USB ports. There is also an L530R 30 amp socket that can connect to most RVs. This inverter is parallel capable, allowing you to connect a second inverter when you need more wattage. The motor is housed in an isolated chamber to ensure sound doesn’t get out when it works.

Also, the Generac model is relatively lightweight at 55 pounds. With its carry handle, it’s easy to move it from one place to another without breaking your back. When the weather is too cold for the system to kick start on its own, the choke valve does the trick.


  • It’s quiet It’s portable with a handle High starting power


  • The runtime is relatively short

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6. Champion 3400W Dual Fuel Generator

Champion 3400W Dual Fuel Generator

Electric start, USB adapters, and RV outlets are just some of the unique features of the Champion generator. It runs on either propane or unleaded gas for more convenience depending on what’s available to you. It can run for 7.5 hours at 50% load with a 20-pound propane tank.

It produces 3400 watts starting and 3100 running on gas. When using propane, the starting is 3060 while the running is 2790 watts. This champion model has a switch dial, which allows you to switch between the fuels, depending on what’s affordable to you. In case you need to increase power with an optional parallel kit, this unit is capable of a 50-amp outlet.

For a generator this powerful, it’s quite unusual to find such a quiet operation. It runs at 59 dBA, meaning you’ll still be able to go about with conversations when it’s running. However, the level might fluctuate depending on the load. It’s much lower when using 25% as this is the Economy Mode.

Another feature worth noting is the 3-year warranty with free lifetime support. This is vital in the event of equipment failure within the warranty period as the company guarantees to do repairs and replacements. Champion Power Equipment is known for its excellent customer support.


  • Decent power Portable Dual-fuel capability


  • Relatively low wattage

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7. Champion 4000W Open Frame DH Inverter

Champion 4000W Open Frame DH Inverter

This is another model from Champion with an advanced open-frame design, which makes it lighter and 50% quieter. It can run for an extended time of 17 hours on gasoline with a save fuel feature that prolongs its life. It transmits clean electricity for sensitive devices and should work great for RVs as well.

It weighs 82.6 lbs, which is on the heavy side, considering that it doesn’t have a wheel kit or a handle (sold separately). Well, the frame offers good positions to lift the generator, but that means you probably need a helping hand in some circumstances. Also, it uses a 224cc stroke engine, which should help reduce the noise level.

With a surge output of 4000W, you have enough power to run a standard air conditioner and keep a constant power of 3500 watts. As far as outlets go, you get a variety for virtually any appliance you have. This includes a 12v cigarette-lighter-style outlet, two 120V DC outlets, and a 120V RV outlet. If you need more power, you can use the parallel connections, which allow you to hook an extra kit.

Noise is also another consideration when choosing your generator. The Champion Quiet Technology reduces
the sound to a mere 64 dB, making it good to use near an RV or as a backup source for your home. The unit also features a user-friendly panel that lets you choose different functions as well as monitor performance and fuel.


  • Has a variety of outlets Quiet operation 3-year warranty


  • Handle, and Wheel Kit sold separately

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Now that we have reviewed the top 7 best dual fuel generators for houses, let’s discuss a few things about these generators;

What Are the Different Types of Generators You Can Consider?

Gasoline generator

Commonly referred to as gas generators, gasoline generators are the most popular generators in the market. They are easy to use and are powered by fuel resources that you can readily access. Besides their ease of operation and fuel usage, another thing that makes them popular is their affordability.

Gasoline generators are pocket-friendly and designed to be as portable as possible. This makes them ideal for camping and hiking as their compactness makes it easier to carry them around.

On the downside, they produce more emissions than other types of generators and create a lot of noise when running.

Standby generators

These generators can be defined as electrical powering systems that work automatically without needing a manual start. Mainly used as emergency backup units, they use the same mechanism as gasoline generators and use diesel. However, they do have a larger external tank for fuel than gasoline models, which means they last longer.

On the downside, the larger tank makes them bulkier. They are used in specialized devices such as fire protection, detection system, life support devices, and standby lighting.

Diesel generators

These run on a combination of electrical generators and diesel engines but they work best on diesel fuel. If you are looking for a durable generator for your outdoor adventures, then diesel models are the best today. In addition to having a sturdy exterior and design, they need low maintenance.
In terms of affordability, diesel engines are a great alternative.

Portable generators

These are majorly known for having a combustion engine and are specially designed to be used in case there is temporary electrical power. These generators are either powered by diesel or gas. They may not produce enough power for many hours but can light up necessities such as TV, small freezers, and lights.

Solar generators

If you want to go green and still get a reliable source of energy when you are off-grid, then a solar generator will fit the bill. This generation uses radiation from the sun and converts it into energy. They vary in size and you can get one that suits your power needs.

Inverter generators

These are the most noiseless and portable generators around. They come with an engine that has an alternator that produces AC current. The AC is then converted to direct current. They are more fuel-efficient than standard diesel and gasoline models.

These are the 6 main types of generators.

Important Features of Dual Fuel Generator for House

There are many features that make up a good dual fuel generator, and if you need the right one, you have to ensure it has these features;

The right size

When buying a dual fuel generator, you have to check your power needs first. In most cases, power needs are
dictated by size. When buying a generator, consider the amount of power you want and the available room space.

Also, when buying a dual fuel generator, consider its use. Are you planning on using it outdoor or at home? If you want it for outdoor power needs, you should go for one that is portable yet have enough power to power all your appliances while off-the-grid.

Low noise levels

Most generators, especially those running on gasoline, make noise. However, a dual generator, uses two types of fuel and this indicates that the noise level will be low. The noise level also depends on the location of the generator. Choose a generator with low noise levels.

Enough power

The right dual fuel generator should generate enough power to serve your basic appliances in your RV or home. If you have a lot of appliances, you should go for a generator that has a higher wattage. However, if you are only planning to use it to power a few appliances and devices when you are camping or in your RV, then you can choose one with an average power supply.

What are the Advantage and Disadvantages of Dual Fuel Generator?


Dual fuel generators are must-have devices for RVs and households. Here are some of the advantages they offer;

Cost-friendly and convenient: These generators can save you in unpredictable situations. They can run for several hours with enough fuel and are cost-friendly. It saves you time and is convenient. Most of the generators are portable and thus you can take them with you wherever you go.

Flexibility and portability: Dual fuel generators can be used in different situations which makes them reliable. You can move it to your house or even carry it with you when you go on adventures. To ensure that a generator is portable, pay attention to its dimension and weight.

Versatility: It is important that you have options in case there is a power outage, and dual fuel generators offer a great alternative. Natural disasters can leave you without power for days and with a reliable generator, you will still be able to power your home.

Durability: A great advantage of using bi-fuel generators is that they are made of sturdy materials that last long. Manufacturers understand that these generators are normally used in areas with harsh weather conditions or hurricanes. As such, they make dual fuel generators with strong, sturdy materials to ensure durability.


The main challenge you can face with dual fuel generators is that they tend to be more expensive than regular-sized generators. You will have to set aside a bigger budget and look for the best dual fuel inverter generator to handle your needs.

How Does Dual Fuel Generator Work?

You may ask, how do dual fuel generators work? Well, in terms of fuel, these generators use two types of fuel. They can change from one fuel to another without turning off the dual fuel generator, which makes them more stable. This means that they can work using diesel, gas, natural gas, etc.

In terms of generating power, we will discuss four important parts;

  • Engine: The generator engine creates mechanical energy, which is later sent through the conductor using a magnetic field to generate electric currents. The engines in portable models are quite small but they still provide the right amount of energy.
  • Alternator: This generates electric output, an important aspect in helping with electricity generation. This component has a needle or ball bearing.
  • Fuel system: Fuel passes through various pipes, pumps, and lines to turn on the engine and power the whole system so that it can generate power.
  • Panel: These control the model. It has outlets and switches, which provide users with crucial information.
    Understanding these various components of dal fuel generators and how they function helps you understand how these generators work.

How to Use the Dual Fuel Generator for Home

Dual fuel generators have a similar usage procedure to an ordinary generator. However, the general functioning of the two differs.
Every dual fuel generator has a specific way illustrated by the manufacturer. Therefore, make sure that you read the user manual that comes with your fuel generator.

When using any dual generator, you should observe the following safety measures;

  • The fuels used in these generators are highly flammable and thus you should be very careful when using them
  • Carbon monoxide is one of the by-products of dual fuel generators. This gas is highly poisonous. Therefore, make sure the generator is in the open or in a separate room that has good air circulation
  • Diesel fuel is bulkier and heavier to handle and thus put this into consideration when going for hikes
  • You should take a lot of precautionary measures to avoid leaking LPG fuel from the tanks
  • By keeping the above measures in mind, you will be in a better position to use your dual fuel generator safely.
    Also, to ensure that your dual generator lasts for a long time, there are several maintenance tips you should keep in mind when using your generator;
  • Always check your generator’s cooling system especially if you tend to use your dual fuel generator a lot
  • Clean the filters annually. If you normally use your generator frequently, it is bound to accumulate a lot of particles that may clog up the fuel lines and fuel filters. Therefore, clean them up frequently.
  • Keep an eye on the battery’s capacity. The first thing to lose its capabilities in a generator is the batteries. Therefore, always check the power of the batteries now and then as a malfunctioning battery can wear out your generator extremely fast
  • Give your generator a thorough test run frequently and see if the electrolyte levels of its batteries are well balanced.
    With these maintenance tips, you will be able to use your generator for a long time.

Inverter Vs. Portable Generator- Which is Best?

Both inverter generators and portable generators produce AC power- the same power that comes from wall outlets. Although the mechanisms with which both inverter and portable generators operate are different.

Generally, the best dual fuel inverter generator models are designed to be lightweight and compact, and this applies to portable generators as well. However, in terms of noise, inverter generators are better since they produce lesser noise. This can be an advantage to people who are in congested areas.

On the other hand, portable generators tend to have bigger fuel reservoirs than inverter generators making them better if you want a generator that can run for quite some time. This makes portable dual generators better, especially if you are going outdoors.

This means that if you want more power for a long time, you need to get the best dual fuel portable generator.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Dual Fuel Generator for Home

There are several things you need to put into consideration when buying a dual fuel generator;


When purchasing a dual fuel generator, you should work within your budget. If you have a budget, it is easier to make a choice on the generators that are within your budget range. The cost of generators can range from hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that more powerful generators will command a higher price. Unfortunately, a higher price doesn’t always translate to a quality generator. That’s why you have to do a comparison of the best generator within your price range.


Size is an important consideration when choosing dual fuel generators. Most of the models are large, but that doesn’t mean a big, portable unit cannot get the work done. When buying bi-fuel generators, consider the wattage, portability, and weight. With this said, better models are bigger and sometimes come at an affordable cost. But if you want one for an outdoor environment, a smaller, compact model will be fine.

Noise level

It is important to pay attention to the noise level of your dual fuel generator. This is especially important if you are in a residential area. No one wants to be woken up by the annoying noise of the generator in the middle of the night. The quietest models have a noise level rating of 65dB. Choose one with a low noise level rating.


This consideration comes is important if you want a generator that you can use in outdoor events. Also, you can choose a portable generator for home use.

These factors can help you choose the right dual fuel generator for your needs.


What Is a Dual Fuel Generator?

Dual fuel generators have grown in popularity in the recent past thanks to their reliability and flexibility. But what are they?
These are generators that use two types of oil- often diesel and natural gas such as propane or gasoline. They have bi-fuel engines that use the two types of fuel interchangeably. Switching between the two fuels is done automatically and is based on the type of fuel that is the most efficient depending on the activity done.

These generators are ideal for people who need emergency backup power in their home in the event of a power outage and those who want a generator that can provide power when they are in an outdoor environment.

What is the best size of a generator should I get?

The size of a generator determines its efficiency. It is important that you understand the wattage you need for your home or RV. Therefore, make a comprehensive list of the tools, electrical devices, and appliances you may need in case the power goes out. This gives you the total wattage you need. And this will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Are dual fuel generators ideal for sensitive electronics?

If AC output is indicated in your electronic device, you can use this generator. If not, do not attach them to your generator.

Why should I choose a dual fuel generator?

They use both propane and gasoline, which is a great advantage as you have options regarding the type of fuel to use. If one type of fuel is pricier or unavailable, you can choose the other one. This is a great advantage these generators offer over standard generators.

Also, most are portable and thus can be carried from one location to another. This makes them an ideal choice for campers, people with RVs, and those who need backup power for home and office needs.

Final Thoughts

Dual fuel generators are an amazing addition to your list of items when you are planning to go for a comfortable retreat in off-the-grid areas. And we hope that you have found the right model in the best dual fuel generator for the house we have reviewed in this guide. We have also provided a buyer’s guide that is meant to help you make a quick purchase decision.

All the above 7 models we have reviewed are all worth the money and you will not go wrong choosing any of them. Pick the right one.

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