6 Best Diy Co2 Generator For Grow Room With Reviews of 2022

Carbon Dioxide CO2 is one of the essential elements for plant health in a controlled environment, allowing you to maximize yield. To ensure your grow space has the right level of CO2, it is essential to invest in the best CO2 regulator. A suitable CO2 regulator is essential to ensure plants receive the right amount of carbon dioxide. This is essential to support photosynthetic activity, especially since there is no natural sunlight.

In this guide to the best DIY co2 generator for grow room, we’ll cover some of the best options available on the market, as well as why they’re great. Plus, we’ll talk about essential things you need to know about the role of carbon dioxide generators in plants and essential considerations when buying the perfect product.

Why Do You Need The Best Co2 System For Grow Room?

People inhale oxygen and exhale CO2 while plants inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen. This is why plants and humans get along so well.

During the evolution of indoor marijuana growing, growers discovered that increased CO2 directly affected production. The atmosphere contains 400ppm of CO2, but cannabis can absorb much more. Depending on the growth stage, you can increase the CO2 in the co2 generator for grow tent.

The extra CO2 makes your plants healthier and your final yield higher. But supplemental CO2 should be checked for safety, efficiency, and maximum performance.

Top 6 Best Diy Co2 Generator For Grow Room With Reviews of 2022

Now Take a look at these 6 products as they will be the best co2 for grow tent as of now and choose the best one.

  • Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Generator
  • ZRDR CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide
  • ProCO2 XL Bucket w/Handle
  • MagTool 4L CO2 Generator System
  • FZone 2.5L Aquarium CO2 Generator System
  • WuyouChy CO2 Generation System 

Let’s dive in and see what these best Diy Co2 generators for grow room have to offer us.

1. Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Generator

Product Description

If you are in the market for a hygienic, competent, and sturdy c02 generator, the Titan Ares series is the ideal choice. This system is available in a two, four, eight, and ten burner configuration. The eight best co2 burners for grow room model covers approximately 21.6 cubic feet per hour and is designed for small rooms.

Some of the unique design of this hydroponic co2 generator includes but is not limited to the following features:

  • CO2 has been scientifically proven to improve plant performance
  • Provide a clean and efficient way to enrich your grow area with CO2
  • Comes with all accessories you need to run your CO2 system
  • All you need to supply is a source of gas
  • 5A / 120V / 60Hz

The brand is well-known and respected in the industry. We spoke to a few industry professionals and consultants, and they all had great reviews of the Titan Controls series. They are very trustworthy systems, and the burners are resistant to rust. This system comes with all the accessories you require to set up, including an air chain, hoses, regulators, ceiling hook, and AC power. You can also find a way to cool the room with fans or ventilation, as the operation of this device can get very hot.


  • The kit contains everything needed for assembly: CO2 Generator, AC power supply, suspension chain, ceiling hook, hose, and suitable regulator.
  • Well-known brand.
  • Easy to use.


  • No warranty.

2. ZRDR CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide

Product Description

If you need a complete CO2 system without breaking the bank, the ZRDR CO2 generator system is for you. Despite its affordable price, everything about this model is sturdy and functional. The unit is sturdier and safer with stainless steel housing than DIY plastic units and their lower-quality counterparts.

Also, you can run the system with baking soda and citric acid from the supermarket. Although citric acid and baking soda must be obtained independently, they are still much cheaper than replacing cartilage and expensive CO2 tanks.

This co2 generator hydroponics system is fully packed with the following feature:

  • Professional Factory – ZRDR is a manufacturer specializing in CO2 generation systems. Their CO2 generator system is made of 304 stainless steel, much better than a simple plastic bottle generator, more durable, more stable, safer, and more resistant to high pressure.
  • Safety Protection –It possesses a programmed pressure release regulator, when the internal force of the steel cylinder exceeds 30 kg, automatically releases the force.
  • Bubbles Refining – ZRDR co2 generator for plants, equipped with an atomizer, refines the bubbles and facilitates their dissolution in water and their absorption by plants. Keep your grow room full of vitality. When you use this product for the first time, large bubbles will form in the refiner, gradually disappearing in 3 days.
  • Low Cost – produces CO2 by itself: you only need baking soda, water, and citric acid which are all obtainable in stores.
  • Whole Accessories – steel cylinder, stainless steel regulator, air tube (1.5m), filter, bubble counter, valve backflow preventer, solenoid valve, stainless steel atomizer, solenoid valve connection line, spare sealing ring, spare atomizer, four suction cups, solenoid valve power supply, stainless steel U-tube, wrench, base, funnel, English installation instructions

The whole kit is about safety. The pressure valve is automatic, i.e., it automatically stops the system if the pressure exceeds 30 kg. In a few simple procedures, you can connect it to a stopwatch to switch the system on and off while at work or on vacation, avoiding any danger while away.

And if you’re worried about the bottle falling, the extra-base makes the bottle more stable so it won’t break or be thrown out of the tank.

A problem with co2 machines for growing rooms is that some produce large bubbles which travel faster to the surface, giving us enough CO2 to dissolve in water. With the built-in bubble counter and atomizer, this system allows you to adjust the unit to create little bubbles in the volume you want.


  • No gas injection is required.
  • Compared to traditional CO2 generators, this CO2 generation is 60% faster.
  • Detailed installation instructions in English.
  • All necessary accessories are included.
  • Recognized brand.
  • A secure device.


  • Solenoid overheats.

3.ProCO2 XL Bucket w/Handle

Product Description

ProCo2 XL Bucket is designed to increase yield and general plant development at an insignificant cost. Compared to other best co2 bags or buckets on the market, XL ProCo2 comes with an integrated handle and S-hooks. The ProCO2 XL bucket is ideal for people who want to grow more vegetables. It has a handle and hooks, making it easy to attach the bucket anywhere.

Highlighted below is some of its in-built design that ensures this product stands out from other products on this list:

  • Supplied with S-handles and hooks; allowing the system to be mounted stress-free
  • Raise your return at the lowest price!
  • Option to start letting loose a greater level of Co2 when the sealing label is detached from the bucket.

The natural release carbon dioxide booster is the perfect solution for crop growth. With its S-shaped handle and hooks, this bucket is easy to hang anywhere, making it more functional indoors, such as in a co2 generator greenhouse. You can start letting loose a greater rate of Co2 after detaching the sealing tape from the bucket.

No additional requirements are needed; remove the old bucket when dry and purchase a new replacement bucket! Net weight is 4.5lbs; height is 9 inches, diameter is 18 inches (total coverage is 5 x 5 feet). The expiration date is up to five or seven months after purchase.


  • Supplied with S-handles and hooks.
  • Increase yields at a minimum price.
  • No need to refill; replace old tubs when dry.
  • Easy to use.
  • A well-known brand.
  • Detailed instructions.


  • Does not work in open spaces.
  • Requires replacement of old buckets when dry.
  • Plastic buckets are difficult to throw away.

4.MagTool 4L CO2 Generator System

Product Description

This CO2 system is more expensive than other products on the market, but it is worth it. This kit includes all access you need to set up a small co2 generators aquarium. The needle valve is ideal for 600-800 grams of raw material, and the system capacity is 4 liters, making it solid and durable.

The bottle is stainless steel with carbon dioxide tubing and includes a plastic funnel and measuring cup. The glass wall is compliant with a built-in safety valve that automatically shuts off when pressure exceeds 1137 PSI. Use direct current instead of alternating current, which operates at very low voltage and generates minimal heat.

This product guarantees the following highlighted features:

  • Capacity 4 liters – It is two times larger than their rivals’ CO2 generation systems. It can carry up to 800g of citric acid and baking soda, also known as baking soda powder.
  • Specialized CO2 gear with all the necessary accessories for a whole installation
  • Security – The glass wall meets safety requirements: 1.5 mm thick SUS304 stainless steel. It can withstand pressures up to 1137 PSI (80 kg/cm2). The built-in safety valve automatically opens when the internal pressure exceeds the safety limit.
  • 12 V DC instead of AC. The DC solenoid operates at a very low voltage and generates almost no heat. The solenoid is warm to the touch and very quiet. No buzzing.
  • Attention: CO2 powder gas generation is NOT included! You will need citric acid and baking soda powder.

The system is super quiet and does not buzz or vibrate, which can disturb the tranquil environment of an aquarium. A disadvantage of this product is that the energy needed to generate CO2 gas is not included, and you will need to get citric acid and baking soda separately. Luckily, both products are readily available and inexpensive, so it shouldn’t be a daunting task if you like the MagTool CO2 system.


  • Safe and effective
  • Energy saving
  • Generates minimal heat


  • Quite expensive
  • Excludes raw energies sources

5.FZone 2.5L Aquarium CO2 Generator System

Product Description

The FZone CO2 generator is a fully available CO2 system at a reasonable price for aquarists. It is surprisingly high quality, considering its price. It comes from someone who is used to seeing high-quality CO2 regulators priced over $200. This regulator also has the added benefit of being DC powered, which means it will use less electricity to operate and is straightforward to use in the event of power failure.

Some of its Characteristic features include the following:

  • Specialized equipment – A comprehensive system in a 2.5-liter bottle, including a SUS304 stainless steel container, precision needle valve, regulator, and stress-free use bubble counter
  • Safety – The container build is SUS304 stainless steel 1.5mm thick (25% impenetrable than average 1.2mm glass). It can withstand pressures up to 1137 PSI. The safety valve opens mechanically when the internal pressure exceeds the safety limit.
  • Bubble needle valve. A high-precision aquarium needle valve provides precise adjustment. It can constantly get 1bps. Bubble counter with integrated non-return valve. Prevents water from returning to the CO2 tank (protects CO2 tanks from rust and corrosion)
  • 12 V DC solenoid – with the solenoid on the timer, you can specify when you want to activate the CO2 injection and for how long.
  • Solenoid NOT included, ordered separately. Citric acid and baking soda are NOT included

This package also includes a bubble counter, which will allow you to control the flow of CO2 using a high-precision needle valve. This CO2 regulator offers the same features expected from more expensive regulators, and FZone also offers a three-stage regulator. The bubble counter also has a shut-off valve function.

It doesn’t fit regular paintball tanks, but the accessory to accommodate them isn’t that expensive. It also offers only one year warranty. However, considering its features and price, it is an excellent option to consider.


  • Two indicators
  • DC power supply
  • Reasonable price


  • Does not fit in paintball tanks
  • One year warranty

6.WuyouChy CO2 Generation System Carbon Dioxide Reactor Kit

Product Description

Looking for another way to supply CO2 to your grow room? How about the WuyouChy CO2 generator that comes with the SUS304 stainless steel bottle? These stainless steel bottles are durable, reliable, stable, and efficient. The generator uses acid-alkaline reaction theory to produce high purity CO2. Burst pressure when pressure is above safe levels is 200 kg/cm2. The cylinder safety valve opens automatically when the safety pressure level is reached.

This CO2 aquarium system is a reliable, efficient, and professional CO2 generator. It produces pure and high-quality CO2 because it works according to the acid-alkaline reaction theory. The best part of this CO2 gear is that the solenoid valve can be configured with the light via a timer.

The set comes with all the accessories except the reagent, so you don’t need to buy them separately. The set includes a steel cylinder, a pressure reducer, a safety valve, a fine adjustment valve, a non-return valve, a solenoid valve, a tertiary filter, a bubble device, a pressure gauge, a diffuser, and a pipe. A manual version of this CO2 kit for the aquarium is also available.

Highlighted features of this CO2 generator system include the following:

  • Powerful CO2 generator system with a stainless steel cylinder, much better than simple plastic cylinder generators: more reliable, more stable, more durable, and more efficient.
  • The cylinder body adopts SUS304 stainless steel, and the safety valve automatically opens when it exceeds the safety pressure.
  • All necessary accessories are included: steel bottle, tertiary filter, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, fine adjustment valve, bubble device, non-return valve, switch, diffuser, and hose. You can also purchase their accessories and spare parts (solenoid valve, support base, main valve, Diffuser) by searching WuyouChy.
  • To prevent regulator wires from sticking to tank wires, clean wires before filling and use a funnel.
  • Note: This set is manually operated; If you need to change it automatically with a stopwatch, buy another set of solenoid valves. A large amount of CO2 can lead to the death of the plant. Minimizing the CO2 volume at the beginning by 1 or 2 bubbles per second is recommended. The single reaction may take 3-4 weeks to use.

The fine regulating valve can adjust the CO2 output, and the burst pressure is over 200 kg/cm2. The safety valve opens if the pressure exceeds the safety level.

The recommended reagents in this kit are 200g baking soda or bicarbonate of soda (NaHCO3) or 200g citric acid (C6H8O7). Installing the check valve is optional, and you can easily do this by cutting the pipes and placing the check valve in the middle.

The CO2 set comes with a better stainless steel bottle than the plastic bottles used by many CO2 kits in the aquarium. An excellent feature is the safety valve which opens automatically when the pressure exceeds the safety mark.

Additional accessories and spare parts are readily available for this kit, such as a solenoid valve, main valve, base stand, and speaker.


  • Easy to install
  • Automatic opening safety valve
  • Accessories and spare parts are available
  • Safe, reliable, and efficient


  • The reagent is not included in the kit

The Benefit Of Carbon Dioxide In Grow Rooms

The most important reason you need carbon dioxide in your growth room is to make sure your plants grow. Especially for cannabis growers, this also ensures that the yield is maximized. If the previous harvest seems disappointing, consider increasing the CO2 level next time.

With the right level of carbon dioxide in control, the best co2 generator for growing the tent, one of the benefits is that there will be more humidity. In turn, this will improve plant resistance. Decreases the possibility of being prone to pests and diseases. Eliminate, among other things, the red spider mite and the whitefly. In addition, the plants do not dry out quickly.

In the vegetative and flowering phases, the addition of the best DIY co2 generator for growing the room will be very beneficial for your plants.

Features To Consider When Buying The Best Co2 Controller For Grow Rooms

The DIY co2 generator for grows room will be rechargeable and easy to maintain. Make sure the unit you select has a fine-tuning indicator, as it will give you a clear indication of the level of CO2 being produced (and where you need it most). Also, look for a stainless steel or Teflon unit; these materials are corrosion resistant and will not rust over time.

Best Co2 Generators For Grow Rooms

As you try to narrow down your options to increase your chances of landing a product you won’t regret choosing, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:


Brass is the primary material used in most of the products listed in this guide. Choose high-quality material that is not easily damaged by external factors. An exceptional case is mandatory as protection against dust and moisture.

Ease Of Use

 A CO2 regulator is only part of a system. With this, make sure it is easy to use. The manufacturer should provide complete instructions to get the most out of your equipment. An auto-calibration feature will make the product easy to use, as you won’t have to make any changes on your own.

Growth Chamber Size

Before deciding which one to buy, you must first know the size of the breeding chamber. CO2 regulators are limited in scope to the area where they can provide optimum functionality. If larger, more than one CO2 monitor may need to be installed.


One of the crucial aspects of the CO2 regulator is the sensor. This ensures that the device is only switched on when needed, i.e., during the day. At night, it should turn off automatically. Otherwise, you will end up wasting CO2 and energy.


The screen should be easy to see. Whether day or night, it must be accurate enough to determine if the CO2 level is correct quickly. Otherwise, you must add or reduce them.


At a minimum, you should choose a product with a one-year warranty. The longer the warranty coverage, the better. This will ensure that the product is covered against defects and that you can trust that the producer will replace or repair it if something goes wrong, as long as it is not due to negligence.

Frequently Asked Question

Does CO2 help plants grow?

An increase in CO2 levels promotes the process of photosynthesis, which accelerates plant growth. This is why; Indeed, CO2 can help plants grow. Therefore, CO2 generators in grow rooms can help your plants grow faster.

How essential is CO2 in a grow room?

Plants need CO2 for photosynthesis and can consume up to 1500ppm of CO2. Other constituents include light and water. CO2 levels in the atmosphere are usually around 350 ppm. Therefore, the higher the CO2 levels, the better your plant will grow. Maintaining adequate CO2 in your grow rooms is essential to help your plants grow efficiently.

How can I increase the CO2 in my grow room?

The best way to increase the CO2 level in your grow rooms is to use one of the CO2 generators above. With the help of these systems, you can easily maintain the desired CO2 level in the grow room.


Now that you’ve read through this guide to the best DIY co2 generator for grow room, you have hopefully learned how to choose the right product. There are many options, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s product is good enough. Take the time to evaluate their characteristics and performance to ensure they positively impact plant growth in your grow room.

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