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Top 6 Best Chair Glides For Tile Floors of 2022

Beautiful hardwood or tile floors add a touch of style to your home and increase your property’s value. However, scratches and wear and tear can damage the surface when moving heavy furniture across the floor. Floor protectors act as a shock absorption barrier between furniture and the floor to preserve any surface longer.

No one likes to move furniture around a room. Setting up more oversized furniture usually requires more than one person. While more miniature furniture doesn’t need a partner (or group of partners) to move around, moving and transporting them is still a significant drawback.

Furniture sliders were invented for this reason. They’re designed so that even the most significant piece of furniture can be moved around the room without being lifted, and most won’t affect the floor when you drag it around the room with it at the foot of the furniture. The problem with furniture glides for tile floors is that there are too many of them. They are effortless to make and have become surprisingly common.

This means that you have to look for the best furniture sliders for tile floors to find one that won’t damage the floor or furniture. Finding the ideal slider for furniture is no easy task because, as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of them. Fortunately, there are furniture sliders that stand out from the others. While these sliders aren’t perfect, they are much better than most sliders.

Best Chair Glides For Tile Floors

Top 6 Best Chair Glides For Tile Floors of 2022

1. Glides Chair X-PROTECTOR – 0.75″ Furniture Glides 40 pcs

best chair glides for tile floors

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Does your furniture cause a scratch when you move it across the floor? X-protector is a leading brand in surface protection products, and here we present one of the best wooden sliding chairs that will solve all your problems. X-protector furniture glides will help prevent damage to the floor from scuffs or scratches and allow you to move your furniture smoothly over the surface.

Furniture slides are made of high-quality and high strength PTFE (Teflon). Teflon (PTFE) is quite strong and guarantees wear-free durability and maximum protection for all surfaces, including wooden floors.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Does not slip off – High-quality nails ensure a sturdy hold on any wood furniture
  • Made of substantial extra premium PTFE (Teflon) – this ensures that the chair glides do not wear out and provide vital protection for any smooth or sensitive floors, like the parquet, laminate, wood, or tile
  • Suitable for any furniture in the house – This Teflon chair guards are perfect for chair legs and furniture legs over ¾”.
  • The company offers 100% customer – If you don’t like the chair glide due to any defect, the company will refund your money.
  • Nail to hold the glide perfectly in place – The nails installation features these sliders; it strengthens furniture cushions more than their adherent counterparts.

The product comes in a 40-piece package with perfectly sized 0.75″ sliders, convenient with most furniture, including plastic chairs. These sliders also have solid pins to help strengthen the slide in a pre-drilled hole. The nail will keep the felt pads firmly attached to the furniture leg longer than the sticky pads. Use only a hammer to reinforce the nail at the base of the furniture legs.

Another distinguishing feature is extra strong Teflon (synthetic material), as it is more durable and provides long-lasting protection to hardwood floors.


  • Excellent protection for wooden floors
  • High-quality material
  • Works on almost all furniture and floors
  • Durable
  • Perfect dimensions for all furniture
  • Nail installation is easy


  • May damage to carpets when you used on such surface

2. GAGUIUP Pack of 32 chair sliders best furniture sliders for tile floors

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Wood floors are fantastic, and scratching furniture is painful when moving, cleaning, or remodeling. With this specific hardwood GAGUIUP sliders pack of 32, move furniture on wooden floors without fear of destroying the beautiful wood. They are 3½ inches in diameter and are made of felt that glides easily over hardwood.

Some of its built-in specifications include:

  • High-quality material – these glides are equipped with high-quality carbon steel nails and stable Teflon bearing, ensuring longevity and durability, ideal for application on the feet of wooden furniture.
  • Multifunction – This Furniture pad is ideal for wooden benches, chairs, and tables to prevent scratches on the floor, reduce friction and noise when moving furniture, ultra-soft Teflon base, easy to move, and suitable for carpets, vinyl floors, and laminate floors.
  • Wide application – 0.2″ thick bottom protects solid wood, tile floors, rugs, etc. It can be used on tables, chairs, desks, couches, sofas, and a variety of other types of furniture.
  • Easy to use – this pad is easily assembled on the bottom of wooden tables for furniture chairs by light tapping.
  • Excellent packaging – Comes in a handy zippered box for easy storage of any extra furniture.

Leave the sliders in place for easy cleaning or remove them for reuse. They are available in four colors.


  • Felt sliders
  • 5 inches in diameter


  • Can be broken under heavy furniture

3. Godehone 32 Pcs Chair Leg Cover, Chair Leg Protector

best wooden sliding chairs

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Enjoy a relaxing experience with the godehone 32 Pack Chair Leg Caps Silicone Floor Protector. The product has a shiny transparent brown color and a round shape. Features non-woven fabric and silicone for long-lasting performance.

Some of its unique specifications include:

  • Silicone Chair leg protector – Size: 33 * 31mm/1.3 * 1.2 inch; suitable for chair legs measuring 25-29mm/0.99-1.14 INCH DIAMETER,
  • Easy to use – no need for sticking as it is easy to attach and not easy to fall off
  • Guarantees protection – Protects the chair, table legs, and the floor from damage; the non-slip bottom prevents scratches
  • Warranty – Not satisfied with the furniture foot covers? They guarantee a 90 day no hassle money back!

The blend of felt and silicone gel gives your seat-protected feet and makes it more durable. The slide has a non-slip backing which prevents scratches. It is also easy to wrap without falling out.


  • Easy to install
  • Resistant silicone material
  • Friction resistant


  • Falls off quite early

4. Safiman Silicone Chair Leg Floor Protectors with Felt

best chair glides for concrete floors

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With these silicone chair protectors, you won’t need any gel or nails. You can now wholly protect your chair legs and floor from damage. This product does not use gel because the adhesive on the gel is not strong enough, and it can make the protection fall off easily, which nobody likes, especially when there is residue on the floor. For this reason, no gel is used.

Some of its features include:

  • No gel or nails required – The gel adhesive is not strong enough to hold and leave residue on the floor. Therefore, they do not use gel but combine felt and silicone in one inseparable piece.
  • Sturdy pad – The thickened silicone wall is raised from 1mm to 2mm. It does not whiten when stretched and is more flexible.
  • Medium size: Suitable for 1-3/16″-2″ (30-50mm) round feet; Square legs 15/16″- 1-9/16″ (24-40 mm); perimeter range 3-3 / 14 “- 6-5 / 16” (95-160 mm). Adapted to all types of shapes, it is not necessary to consider the shape of the chair leg.
  • Easy to use – After disassembling the product, you can continue to use the seat cover in the new location; If it is dirty, it can be washed directly with water.

It does not whiten when stretched and is much more malleable than other products. The smaller size can accommodate round-legged furniture with a 3/5″-1 inch diameter or (15mm-25mm).

It can also be adapted for square feet with a side length of ½”-7/9 inches or (12mm-20mm). This foot protector easily adapts to any foot shape and can be washed directly with water after disassembly.

However, the felt and silicone are blended into one inseparable piece in creating the protection. This is a free-moving 3/5″ – 1″ silicone protector with 16 pieces in the package, which helps prevent scratches on the floor while dramatically reducing noise. You will see that the thickened silicone wall goes from 1mm to 2mm.


  • It is less prone to damage during use.
  • The thickness has been improved to 2mm
  • Water-resistant
  • No need for gel or nails


  • If the chair legs are oval, they may protrude slightly.

5. Aneaseit 1-1/8 “Felt with Soft Silicone Bottom for Chair Legs

best chair leg protectors

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These are some of the best chair leg protectors because they fit most leg shapes and sizes. They have strong silica gel, which ensures that they adhere to the furniture foot and never fall off.

Some of its distinctive features include:

  • No gel or nails required – The adhesive gel is not strong enough, which can cause the product to fall off and leave residue on the floor. Therefore, they do not use gel but combine felt and silicone in one inseparable piece.
  • Suitable for all size – For seat legs with a round diameter of 1-1/16″- 1-7/16″ (26-36 mm), square length of 13/16″- 1-1/ 8″ (21 – 28 mm) and a circumference of 3-1/4″- 4-7 /16″ (82 mm-113 mm). Adapted to all types of shapes, it is not necessary to consider the shape of the chair leg.
  • Lightweight and easy to install – Attach the chair easily for use, without the necessary tools, without cleaning the chair legs.
  • Last long – the furniture will maintain its condition even after prolonged use and can be used on other furniture after disassembling from one.

Also, it has a felt that adheres to silica gel with a premium adhesive that guarantees exceptional durability. These chair sliders are versatile because you can also use them in hollow tubes to keep your floor safe. These sliders also maintain your furniture in pristine condition and look new when removed.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for all shapes


  • They tend to lose their elasticity

6.Furniture Glides Sliders – FURNIGEAR PTFE (Teflon)

best floor protectors for chairs

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The package is a premium design of wooden floor protection products containing 24 sliders. They are designed with advanced technology to ensure customers receive the best floor protectors for chairs. These furniture slides are designed to fit any furniture with wooden legs: chairs, sofas, beds, stools, tables, and more.

This company considers the use of uses Teflon-dense material to create furniture slides that are sturdy and can deliver safety for a long time. The Teflon coating material also guarantees that the slides are sturdy and able to support the weight of any furniture.

Some of its designed features include:

  • Superior quality – Made of PTFE (Teflon) material, the extra thick 5mm slabs ensure longevity and durability, carefully protecting the floor surface from scratches and scratches.
  • Multiple applications: Suitable for all wood furniture: benches, sofa, table, couch, dining chairs to avoid scratching the floor, reduce friction and noise when moving furniture. Let the furniture move quickly and easily.
  • Heavy furniture slides – PTFE furniture slides make heavy furniture move quickly and securely. It is designed to protect your carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, or tile floors.
  • Warranty – They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our high-quality furniture guides!
  • Nail included – A nail installation is vital for easy fastening and ensures the sliders are heavily braced. The sliders are the perfect size to fit any piece of furniture.

They come with nails for installation. Just drill a hole in the chair to ensure the nails don’t bend when you hit them with your hammer. Nails provide more strength than sticky pads.

Furnigear furniture rails are 5mm thick and provide extra strength for long-term protection and durability. After proper installation, you will notice that the slides not only prevent the floor from scratching but also drastically reduce friction, vibration, and damping noise.


  • Durable and quality design
  • Perfect sliders for protecting floors
  • Made of durable material; long term protection
  • Easy to install
  • Works best on all wood furniture.


  • The PTFE material is not Eco-friendly
  • Not suitable for more extensive and heavier furniture.

What Are Furniture Glides?

The furniture gliders are practically the same as the floor protectors for the legs of the chairs. It’s just another term. This makes sense, given how the floor guards help the seat “glide” on the floor. Furniture glides are often made of silicone or other plastic. This allows them to move smoothly around a room without leaving any marks on the wood.

How To Choose The Chair Glides For Tile Floors

Types Of Floor Protectors

The most common floor protectors are felt furniture glides, floor clips, felt nail plates, silicone cups or cases, furniture socks, and vinyl floor guides/protectors.

No matter what type of floor protection you choose, they are all available in convenient packaging. Small packs containing 4, 8 or 12 pads, large 20 or 40, Ultra-large containers of 100 or more. This way, you will have all the floor protection you need to protect and preserve any area of ​​your home or office.

Stick on floor protection pads

Adhesive felt pads, such as X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads, are the most popular types of floor protectors because they are quick and easy to use. Remove the pad from the backrest and glue it to the legs of chairs or tables.

Felt is the best material to protect any surface as it provides a soft cushion between furniture and the floor and prevents annoying noises when moving sofas or tables. The super-strong adhesive ensures that the pad stays firmly attached to the legs of your furniture.

The only downside to using adhesive pads for furniture is that they can be challenging to work with, and lighter colored pads can get dirty quickly. Additionally, adhesive floor protectors generally work best with plastic or metal furniture and may not be strong enough for bulky furniture.

Floor clip

Floor guards are heavy-duty rubber, and soft felt and provide excellent floor protection against heavier furniture. It does not necessitate the use of glue or nails; slide the glides under the cabinet and the rubber handles at the bottom of the chosen item. These floor protectors are not ideal for furniture that needs to be moved around a lot.

Nail protectors

Nail Floor Protectors are excellent for wood, ceramic, vinyl, tile, finished concrete, or carpet surfaces. Because nail pads are made of rigid plastic and high density felt, they are solid and durable. These furniture protectors protect surfaces and help move large furniture, such as a sofa or bed, across the floor.

Unfortunately, dirt and debris can get stuck under the nail plates in high-traffic areas, so it may be necessary to clean under the plates. It would be best to beat them with a hammer or rubber hammer, and it is better to drill a hole with an electric drill first. However, once the floor protector is placed on the chair, it provides long-lasting protection.

Cup-shaped floor protectors

Cup or box floor protectors are made of hard plastic or soft silicone. They provide good weight distribution for larger pieces of furniture, like a sofa or table, and are ideal for hardwood floors. These floor protectors attach very quickly to the legs of the furniture by gluing them or placing them on a chair or a table.

Furniture socks

Yes, you heard right. Some socks are specially created for tables or chairs. Furniture socks provide super soft shock-absorbing protection for any hard floor and effectively prevent damage to furniture legs.

While socks tend to slip over the leg of a leather or metal chair, you can also secure them with a rubber band. Furniture socks can be easily damaged on uneven surfaces, so it is best to use these pads on a smooth, flat surface.

Vinyl Floor Protectors/Sliders

Vinyl protectors/sliders are a great way to protect a shallow or deep pile surface in high traffic areas. You can also use a floor slide on hardwood or linoleum floors, but it may need to be secured with double-sided tape.

Size And Shape

Floor protectors are usually available in 5 or 6 sizes, which give furniture great versatility. Size is also significant because if you choose the wrong size, the pad may fall off the chair or the table leg. Therefore, it is ideal to measure the chair’s legs before making the final purchase. You can even shape the pads into any design you want, which is great for wide or irregularly shaped furniture legs.


It is essential to find the right color of floor protection for your interior design. Most floor protectors are available in different colors: brown, black, beige, or transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get the most out of moving or rearranging your furniture, you’ll probably want to save energy wherever you can, including purchasing furniture slides to help you slide large or heavy items around the house while you are on the move protecting yourself and your children. However, you may have questions before making this purchase. Here are some faq about moving sliders and their answers.

How much weight can the furniture sliders support?

The weight it supports depends on the specific sliders of the furniture, so check the product specifications. However, a regular slider supports around 110lbs.

Are furniture sliders reusable?

Many furniture sliders are reusable because they do not include a sticker. If you want to reuse furniture sliders, don’t accidentally buy floor protectors, which have an adhesive and cannot be removed or reused.

Do the furniture rails have built-in glue?

Most furniture sliders do not come with an adhesive or glue to be reused.

What is the difference between sliders and furniture protectors?

Furniture sliders and furniture protection pads are designed to protect furniture legs from damage to the floor. Furniture sliders are specially designed for dragging objects across the floor when moving, rearranging, or cleaning; They have no adhesive or glue and can be reused. Furniture protectors also called “floor protectors,” use adhesives to adhere to furniture legs and cannot be reused.

Do the sliders need to be cleaned?

Furniture sliders may not need to be cleaned; however, to reduce the risk of scratching or sticking to the floor, clean plastic slats or remove debris from felt slats before use.


Furniture pads for tile floors are fast becoming one of the most popular furniture accessories, and it can be challenging to select which ones are the best. One of the most important things to know is different furniture sliders for other floors. What works for the carpet won’t work for a hard surface floor, and some furniture sliders come with accessories that allow you to move the furniture on both types of floors.

You should also pay attention to the number of furniture sliders in a particular set. Some sets contain only 4 Furniture Sliders, while others contain 16. The need for a significant amount of Furniture Sliders is directly related to the amount of movement you need to do, so don’t be afraid to use a pack of 16 furniture sliders if your situation requires it.

Choosing the best chair glides for concrete floors is never easy, but it is possible. The information above should give you all the tools you need to make the right decision about a variety of mobile sliders.

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