Best Chain For Echo Cs 400 With Reviews of 2022

Is your chain for the Echo cs 400 chainsaws broken, and are you in the market for a chainsaw that will serve you well? We researched it to show you some of the best chains for the Echo cs 400 chainsaws. You can also use other names such as Echo CS-400 chainsaw.

No matter how you decide to say it and how you say it, there are some chains for cs 400 chainsaws you can use with it. A chainsaw helps you handle the whole tree-felling operation properly. This tool is highly beneficial for any wood cutting task that requires speed and precision.

Echo CS-400 is a reliable and efficient chainsaw from one of the best chains for echo cs 400 brands in the industry. Echo is highly respected for its ability to provide high-quality chainsaws at a lower price, and the CS-400 is proof of that. It looks like a professional tool, despite its lower cost, and has a good set of features that make it straightforward to use even in winter and other weather conditions.

At the same time, the best chain for echo cs-400 18-inch chain lacks a tool-less chain tensioner, which we expect to find in similar tools. However, it makes up for that neglect (depending on your perspective) with additional essential features, including vibration reduction and a 40.2cc two-stroke engine.

A chainsaw helps you manage the overall cutting process of that tree smoothly. This tool is handy for any fast and successful wood-cutting business. This article will describe the best chain for echo cs 400, so you can buy a chainsaw without hesitation.

Top 6 Best Chain For Echo Cs 400 Chainsaw Reviews

For the shortages of time, if you wanna move fast, you may get one of our best recommendations below-

1.UpStart Echo CS-400 Chainsaw

UpStart Components 14" Semi Chisel Saw Chain

This UpStart Component 18inches Semi-Chisel Saw is ideal to avoid vibration while cutting. It is designed to manage your cutting tasks while maintaining balance effectively. This chainsaw is suitable for all types of protection. It is also a performance-provider tool, making it ideal for larger projects.

This chain is made of steel and aluminum, making it very resistant. Your chainsaw can retain its sharpness for a long time. It is straightforward to install with good maintenance. A cutter bar can be of different lengths, so choose the suitable chain for your chainsaw. It has all the necessary accessories attached.

Unique Features:

Strength: This device performs activities while maintaining balance and is ideal for avoiding all types of vibration.

Quality: This saw chain is made of high-quality material.

Weight: It is made of lightweight material for easy carrying.

Quantity: 3 chains, 1 bar.

Better control for less recoil and more safety: Ideal for professionals working in demanding conditions. Made of durable, lightweight materials.

High-performance chain for smooth cutting: Designed for precision, balance, and safety for efficient cutting. Low vibration levels for consistency.


  • This echoes cs 400 replacement chain has 62 drive links.
  • The chain has a gauge of 0.050 inches.
  • The chain pitch is 3/8″. It has a low recoil function
  • It has beveled chisel teeth for low vibration.
  • The reversible bar for long-lasting performance.


  • The low profile means the chain may not last as long as the original that came with the chainsaw.

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2. Oregon S56 Advancecut Chainsaw Chain For 16-Inch Bar

Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

This Oregon S56 AdvanceCut chainsaw is made with a very modern design. So it can provide adequate smoothness. You can use this chainsaw to avoid kickback and vibration.

The chain of this model is compatible with other chains. Therefore, this chain can be used with any chain. Also, this chain is beneficial for the lubrication of chainsaws, thanks to the Lubry-Tech system. The lubrication system it has helps the chainsaw last longer.

You can easily manage your logging or tree cutting activities with this chain. It is ideal for cutting all types of hardwood and for heavy-duty projects. In addition to individuals, it is suitable for use by professionals.

Unique Features:

Efficiency: It is suitable for the regular cutting of any tree or wood. Homeowners will find practical solutions using it.

Versatility: No limitations, so suitable for use with all chain designs.

Durability: Because this is a high-quality chainsaw, it is ideal for long-term use.

Quality: It is made of high-quality material, which offers high quality.

Durable: low kickback and low-vibration chains help reduce user fatigue over long work periods – For all brands of chainsaw 3/8 inch.

Compatible with these chainsaw models: Echo CS-352, CS-370, CS-400 and CS-310, and other similar models

Precision heat-treated semi-chisel chain cuts smoothly with improved waste tolerance. Made in the USA – Limited Lifetime Warranty

Durable, enduring chrome surface casing and reinforced rivets aid in the reduction of wear and ensure little chain modifications

IntegratedLubri: Tec’s automated lubrication system extends chain life by delivering oil to key parts so that you can work smarter.


  • Hardened rivets
  • Chromium
  • Low vibrations
  • Lube-Tec lubrication system


  • It’s not a long-lasting.

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3.8TEN Chainsaw

8TEN Chainsaw Chain

This is a set of three 20 inch chains, making it an ideal choice for spare chains that you can buy ready to go when you need them. They are very versatile and work with Husqvarna, Echo, Poulan, Jonsered, Troy Bilt, and other chainsaws. One of the most remarkable advantages is the price. Because it’s a three-pack, the price is slightly lower, saving a lot of money.

They are well-made chains that retain their sharpness, allowing you to concentrate on practical cutting jobs. They offer good cutting capacity and help you with all the cutting jobs you need. On the other hand, their quality may be slightly lower than that of an Oregon or Husqvarna chain, although that being said, there is nothing wrong with that.

As with all chainsaw chains, carefully check the specifications and choose the correct chain. Just because these chains are compatible with a wide range of chainsaws doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily match yours. All in all, these chains are a solid option and are particularly suitable for buying as spares when you need them. It’s not an Oregon or, but it is quality.

Unique Features:

Chain length: 20 inches

Transmission links: 72DL

Gauge: 0.050 inch

Step: 3/8 inch

Replaces OEM Part Numbers: Carlton A1LM-072G, A1LM-72 ST, A1LM-72E, GB A50C-1PL72, Husqvarna H47 72, 501842672, Windsor 50APL72, Oregon 72LG072G, 72LG072G, 72LG072G, 72LG7

Compatible with Husqvarna models: 1100 CD, 133, 140, 154, 160, 162, 181, 185, 2100 CD, 2101, 234, 238, 242, 246, 254, 257, 257, 2 XP60, 260, 260, 260, 268, 272XP, 281, 285, 288XP, 298, 3120XP, 340,

Fits Husqvarna Models: 450 Rancher, 455, 455 Rancher, 460, 460 Rancher, 465, 465 Rancher, 480 CD, 49, 50, 51, 543 XP, 545, 55, 55 Rancher, 555, XP, 555, 550 , XP, 55 562XP, 570, 575XP, 576XP, 61, 65, 66,

Fits any Stihl Models

Compatible with Jonsered models: 2050 (0.375 pitch), 2051 (375 pitch), 2054 (3/8″ pitch), 2055 (0.375 pitch), 2063 (0.375 pitch), 2065, 2071, 2077, 2094, 2094, 2094 2149 (0.375 pitch), 2150 (0.375 pitch


  • Cheap
  • Ensures kickback reduction


  • Requires regular sharpening
  • Quality control issues

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4. Echo 91PX62CQ Chainsaw

Echo 91PX62CQ Chainsaw Chain

This replacement Echo chainsaw is designed to fit the following 18 inch Echo chainsaws: Echo CS-400, Echo CS-400F, Echo CS-370, and Echo CS-370F. This is a low-profile chain and a genuine OEM green part.

The 18-inch Echo saw chain is designed to fit particular Echo saw models. This will work well if you have the correct Echo saw model. Safety features include low recoil and vibration.

Unique Features:

  • Three packages
  • Original OEM eco chains
  • This part replaces obsolete parts #: 91VG62CQ and 91VG62 and fits the Echo CS-370 chainsaw.
  • This part extends beyond an 18-inch bar to cut material. Ramp-shaped depth indicators help reduce recoil without compromising performance.
  • Three heavy-duty steel chains are included with each order.


  • This shift chain has 62 drive links
  • The chain is 0.050 inches thick
  • The chain pitch is 3/8 inch.
  • It has a low recoil function
  • It has beveled chisel teeth for low vibration


  • It may not last as long as the original one supplied with the chainsaw.

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5. KAKEI Pack Of 3 Chains For Chainsaw S62 For 18-Inch Bar

KAKEI 18 Inch Chainsaw Chain

KAKEl, a professional manufacturer of gardening and cutting tools and accessories, is committed to promoting high-tech saw chains, first-class equipment, and professional product testing procedures. All raw materials for KAKEl chains are imported from Germany, strictly comply with ISO9001:2015 quality control, and continuously improve product quality to meet customer demand for high-quality products.

It is made of hard chrome material to precisely handle all cutting tasks with this cutting chain. This prevents any rewinding. This chain gives you smoothness and helps you complete the cutting process in less time. It is compatible with almost all chain brands. This tool is particularly suitable for managing different types of wood cutting processes.

This saw chain is very durable, so long-term use is beneficial. It is generally suitable for active work with 10 to 18-inch chains of any model. It is ideal for demanding tasks, so if you are a professional, you can use it. This chain helps you fell damaged trees without any problems and provides protection. Also, this chainsaw is of high quality, which makes it ideal for lubrication.

Unique Features:

Design: It is made with an excellent design, suitable for all applications.

Automatic lubrication system: This equipment has an automated lubrication system, so it is better to supply lubricant.

Efficiency: Using it will perform all types of wood cutting work.

Weight: This chainsaw is light and easy to transport.

Chain dimension: 3-inch and 10-inch casing, .050 gauge, 3/8-inch LP pitch, 40 drive links. UL listed meets ANSI standards. Low recoil semi-chipping.

Support all chainsaw brands: AFM, Black & Decker, Chicago, Corona Clipper, Craftsman, Dayton, Earthwise, Echo, Greenworks, Husqvarna, Lynxx, Maruyama, Mastercraft, McCulloch, Poulan, Remington, Shindaiwa, Skil, Sun Joe, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Wen, Western Auto, Worx, Yardworks. (See details page for more information)

Durability: German steel with temperature-controlled heating and drilling system improves hardness and flatness. All saw chain rivets are hardened and tempered, resisting wear and improving strength by reducing variations in chain tension.

Build: Japanese chrome-plated technology extends the life of cutters, and each cutter has been cold-milled and finished with rotary machines, making it sharper than ever.

Each chainsaw comes with protective, corrosion-resistant oil.


  • Durable equipment.
  • Provides protection.


  • It becomes blunt.

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6. Hipa 18″ Chainsaw

Hipa Pack-of-2 18" Chainsaw Chain

The Hipa 18″ 3/8-inch LP Pitch .050-inches Link Chainsaw is a popular product for home, farm, and job site use. This is a professional-grade chainsaw that delivers superior performance and smooth cutting. It has a unique design that gives you outstanding performance.

The Hipa saw chain is made of the highest quality alloy steel, the connecting rod. The high-performance lubricating coating improves wear resistance, reduces friction, and increases tool life.

Unique Features:

  • Well-matched with CS-370 CS-370F ECHO 91PX62CQ CS-400 CS-400F chainsaw; Fits Poulan Pro 952051338 051338 581562301 579167804; Compatible with BAT 713-05042 753-08104 753-08314; 91VS062G, 91PXL062G
  • Fits Poulan 18″ CHAINSAW 2100 2150 2050 2075 2155 2175 2200 2250 2175LE 22506 2350 2375 2450 25506650666050 400E 400EL BH2660 ES400 P3818AV P40184AV P40184AVP40184AVP40184AVP40184AVP40184AVP40184AV PPA 1
  • Well-matched with the Remington model
  • Compatible with ECHO CS370 CS370F CS400 CS400F; Artisan 18″ Chainsaw
  • The package includes: 1 air filter, 1 primer bulb, 1 fuel filter, 1 spark plug


  • It does its job quickly on intricate cuts
  • Powerful cut
  • Chains remain sharp after use


  • No recoil reduction
  • Slow

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Buying Guide: The Best Chain For Echo CS 400

We will generally consider the most important considerations when buying a chainsaw.


All chains cannot fit all chainsaw models of the same length. You may end up with an invalid tool if you choose the wrong bar length. Its use is also hazardous. Nobody wants to face the dangers of using a dangerous woodcutter. If the chainsaw guide bar is not adjustable, you may experience various problems. So before you move out to purchase one, be sure to measure and test the chainsaw’s guide bar.


Manufacturers are producing chainsaw chains that are now affordable, keeping your needs in mind. Because the manufacturer creates the chains according to customer specifications, they are available in different sizes. It can easily handle any heavy cutting load with a heavy-duty chainsaw.

The wrong size chain will not work with the chainsaw in most cases. Please check the chainsaw size before purchasing if you want to use it comfortably. In this case, the importance of buying the correct echo cs 400size for your chainsaw cannot be overemphasized.


The efficiency of a chainsaw is primarily determined by its teeth. Chain teeth cannot provide a clean finish if they are not sharp. You will be able to cut the trash around your house with a chainsaw. Please pay special attention to the chain with interchangeable teeth, as it can cut both softwood and hardwood.

Cutting any wood with a chain of round oyster teeth, on the other hand, will take longer. The square tooth chain cuts at a moderate pace and can last for a long. If the chain is made entirely of oyster teeth, you can immediately use it for heavy-duty work. The square-tooth chain is robust and effective.


The chainsaw’s teeth will determine its performance. Tell us in detail about the performance of different types of chainsaws.

Chipper chains: Their teeth are designed to cut twigs and do other messy jobs around the house.

Semi Chisel – Its teeth are versatile and can easily cut soft and hardwood. Its round teeth are sturdy but take longer to complete the assigned task.

Full Chisel – It has square teeth which are strong, durable, and effective for all heavy-duty tasks, such as cutting hardwood.

Safety and Comfort:

Safety and comfort are key features to consider when using these power tools. Vibration and kickback are two main things to watch out for in these saw chains when it comes to safety.

Anti-vibration: The vibrations of the chainsaw will affect the energy effectiveness and efficiency of the chainsaw, which might lead to you not having a firm grip for precise cuts. So, to get rid of these unpleasant vibrations, choose high-end chains equipped with anti-vibration mechanisms (minimum to zero). This will speed up the cutting process with precision and speed and help you work without physical ailments.

Kickback: Kickback is the force that reacts when the saw is caught in debris (wood) while the chain is in motion. They cause you to lose your balance if the chain’s rotation breaks and thus lead to devastating injuries. So be sure to check out models like the best chainsaws that come with an anti-skip feature before buying.


Any tools used for heavy-duty applications, such as felling trees and tree branches, must be durable and reliable. Therefore, it ensures smooth long-term operation. Most chainsaws are replaceable without a warranty. So if you want a product that lasts a long time, check out its build quality, warranty offered, and user reviews. This will help you understand the durability and reliability of the chainsaw supplied.

Other Features:

However, other features are also offered for chainsaws, regardless of the different chain sizes and types. Here we list them and take a look.

Integrated Lubrication – Most manufacturers have designed various features to keep chains lubricated during operation, such as grooves/holes in the cutting teeth or links for chain lubrication. Proper lubrication will help the cutting tool move like a chainsaw. Therefore, this feature should be considered when purchasing to maintain adequate lubrication and smooth, efficient operation.

Self-Sharpening  – Self-sharpening chains are specially designed to keep your teeth sharp every time the chain passes around the guide bar. Although regular sharpening is a maintenance issue, using this chain will reduce travel for chain sharpening. The self-sharpening chain will help you keep your chain sharper for longer without going through regular sharpening maintenance.

Ripper Chains – It is specifically designed for professional applications, which involve cutting wood along the grain. It takes particular skill and technique to use these chains. So people who use the chainsaw for standard applications will not need these chainsaws.

Carbide Chains – Carbide chains are solid and durable, so an ordinary chain will quickly wear out beyond use. It is quite fragile and breaks when hit hard. It is also expensive, making it worthwhile only in dirt, sand, cold weather, or other adverse conditions that cause unusual chain wear.


It is not difficult to keep a chainsaw in good condition. Basically, by following the right process, you will ensure proper maintenance of the instrument. Some chainsaws usually have an automatic sharpening system that eliminates worrying about maintaining sharpness.

If your equipment does not have this feature, use chains with a sound lubrication system. It also comes with the unique Lubri-tech technology, which teaches you how to adjust the oil flow.

Drive Links:

The drive link is an integral part of a chainsaw. These drive links that can fit into the guide bar are located at the bottom of the chainsaw. Count the links of this unit if you are unsure of the technical details of the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my chainsaw get dull so quickly?

It will quickly wear off if you cut dirty wood with this tool.

What is the fuel mixture for an Echo chainsaw?

You can do any wood cutting business with this chainsaw, thanks to a combination of gasoline and oil.

How long does the Echo chainsaw last?

In general, you will use a chainsaw for ten years or more.


Although you can use a chainsaw sharpener to sharpen the chainsaw chain, It can only be sharpened a limited number of times. Therefore, you must replace it with a new saw chain with one of the best saw chain options presented in this article. Choose a tool that suits your type of work if you want successful results.

By following the purchase instructions above, you will be able to select a chain with the best chain for echo cs 400. We’ve covered everything about the echo cs 400 chains above to help you figure it out.

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